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I have been toying with the idea of getting my arse into gear & opening an etsy or madeit shop finally, but I just can’t seem to do it. I am at my happiest when I am making something for somebody else. I enjoy the process of creating & giving something so much, it gives me an energy & enthusiasm that I just can’t seem to harness with the thought of “this is going to be for sale” in mind.

But I don’t have any bloody money either…!

It’s all relative I guess, I could finally get in the right mindset & nobody would want to buy my wares. Maybe that is what is stopping me, if I’m honest. That deep rooted fear of failure that I think all but the strongest & most confident of us harbour… how do I get past that? Have you ever had to?

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  1. Oh yeah - I hear ya!

    I find for me it's not so much the fear of failure, as the fear of success.
    For a bit of perspective have a listen to the talk Steve Jobs did at Stanford University (on my fb) and if you can look back and connecting the dots, keep doing what your doing, believe in your heart, listen to your intuition and take one step at a time.

    Geez - that's pretty deep considering it's 6am and I've been up since 4!

  2. Looks great! I love drawing and working in photoshop too! Its so much fun, I never would have thought it possible when I was at Art school!!!
    Do any of us 'artists' have any money!! I am in the same boat as you Im afraid!!! :(

  3. OMG beautiful artwork! Ahhhhh age makes no difference in the the world of a procrastinating Virgo! I create and create, it stacks up, while I mumble, one day, one day!
    I'm trying out a market this Sunday. Seven hours in the sun being tortured should be all I need to go online ... yes???
    I get your quandry Vic ♥

  4. Beautiful art work Vic.
    Go with your gut instinct, give it a try, you never know, until you try. It is hard puting yourself out there, all the doubt and second guessing yourself. But it is also a great feeling that other people like your creations are are ready to part with their hard earned cash.
    All the best !

  5. Yep hear you loud and clear, really not sure how to cure that feeling though.
    Beautiful drawing you should at least try :)

  6. love it vic! looks so great :D
    i totally understand where you're coming from, i took this year off from study to undertake some kind of crafty endeavour. i've done nothing towards it and it's almost november!
    i definitely think the fear of failure has stopped me, but not so much that, the fear of the people around me not understanding and, i guess ridiculing me for it...

    if it makes any difference, i would totally buy your stuff ;)
    catch you thursday night!!!

  7. And two things youl are great at!!
    I totally hear you about the whole etsy made store things for sale thing Vic. The thing is I am happiest too when I'm making something for someone I know too.
    and you don't have to loose that, i stil make stuff for people i know and have shop it doesn't have to mean one or another.
    About the whole fear of failure and not selling anything, i am still yet to get past that even after having a shop for a while now. I'm nervous everytime i put something on my shop, everytime i have to relist something or something sits there for ages.
    i still get scared about all that stuff , i think it perhaps just gets to a point, when as scary as it is, you (or I) want to take that risk- and perhaps also the need for some cash to make some more things too!
    You I don't think you have anything to be afraid of, i think you'll sell like hotcakes, you're an amazing artist and I think you should go for it, but I know that me saying that is not going to change your mind.
    I hope the other ramble above helped or something.
    sorry for the long comment!! xo

  8. Vic, I wrote a VERY similar post about 3 months ago:) OK there was no really cool illustrations that I had created because I can't do that, but I had been thinking for over a year about starting an online shop - I had even created a business plan because that's the kind of freaky person I am!

    I too enjoy creating for others, but was worried that my Ok for a gift for a friend wouldn't pass the OK for someone to pay for test. But finally I just bit the bullet. I set a date, told a few people to keep me honest and while it was only 2 items, I opened an online shop on Madeit on that date.

    I have been pleasantly surprised and pleased with how my items have been received since opening my shop. I am not selling gazillions, but then I'm pretty sure I am not one of those people who is meant to. And you know that feeling you get when you make something for someone you know? I get that same feeling when someone I don't know purchases something I have made (because I like it). I love that they are excited to find such an item and have appreciated the affirming feedback about the quality of the items.

    So I say give it a go, like they say you won't know if you don't try:) Good luck, Cyndy

  9. Love the illustration!

    I had that fear as well, even going into starting a little poppa label but you know what I am that busy now taking custom orders that I don't even have time to keep my madeit store stocked. Take the leap Vic, I think you will be pleasantly surprise...I certainly was.

    Good Luck :)


  10. Vic, it looks great!! And take it from me (a big etsy shopper) that every piece you sell is appreciated as a gift. Many of the stores really create that wonderful 'giving' feeling as well as earning some well deserved money. You can absolutely make that work. Please do it! x

  11. OMG just do it now Vic!!
    The main thing is, it will get you out there. I don't sell much at all in my online stores, but people see the stuff there and ask for their own custom things after seeing stuff there. You can experiment with different things and see what people think and take it from there.
    The main piece of advice (given to my by the excellent mentor Cath)is to relist one item a day on etsy. It will get you to the top of the list/page and get lots of traffic to your store!XXX

  12. Just take a big breathe and jump in. That's what I did. We are our own worst critics when it comes to our work, just put it out there and see how it goes.

  13. you know the beauty of an etsy shop is that you can keep creating for yourself and pop stuff in the shop and see what happens ~ no need to really worry about making for an audience. go for it!
    love the background in this one :)

  14. oh god i know what you mean i constantly think of making things to sell but than the thought no one will want them pops in my head and i also like creating things with the people or event in mind. i love your pictures it's gorgeous, thanks for stopping by at beberouge

  15. I was having a similar conversation with a friend recently who sells her stunning children's clothing only occasionally at a market and gives heaps away as gifts. She too is fearful - the thought (of an online business) makes her feel quite vulnerable.
    One of the things that I said to her was that I always felt that it was such a shame that more people did not have access to her work - that the few of us that are so fortunate to receive her gifts or stumble upon her stall - gain so much.
    Put yourself out there so others too can gain pleasure in your creations - and in that - the rewards will be so much for you too!!! M

  16. Oh this is so cool. I have no computer skills so all my stuff just has to be as I do it. We've been having some chats lately about dreams and risks. Just wrote about the other day - called 'playing small' if you are interested aon my rambliings about that very thing.

  17. Wow great art work
    Do what you love and follow your heart.

  18. Oh I hear you! I am terrified of opening up an etsy shop after my madeit one only sold a few things - but it was only open for a few months, so I am (probably) being very hard on myself. I did sell lots and lots of things to friends and family, I need to remind myself that. It just takes time.
    Vic, your gorgeous prints would SO sell - they are so lovely and fun and would be loved by children and adults alike.
    Go for it girl - when you are ready though and on your terms.

  19. My girls got so excited about your picture and Miss 3 kept saying it was her doll.
    Don't think just go for it! The sooner you start the lesser the feelings of anticipation and regrets! Just thought up that right now, I think I have to follow my own advice!!

  20. Excellent illustration ~ I am envious of your photoshop skillz!
    Give it a go ~ you won't know until you try ;o) You have a lot of support out here in blogland ~ we won't let you fall.
    Nic x

  21. Vic, you are a very very talented artist - I would definitely buy your stuff!! I know what you mean about the fear, the same thing has been stopping me. That and time! Go for it, I say!

  22. Ooh - the Princess and the Pea was my favourite story when I was a little girl. The wallpaper! I just LOVE it.

    Let me know when you'd like some photoshop lessons.

    Satan xxx

  23. Very clever girlie.

    I reckon you should live your dream.

  24. Love the art work.....you know the old saying, " you won't know until you try it".....give it a go!!!!!!!
    Go for it!!!! Xox Jo

  25. Amazeballs! You never never know if you never never have a go (lame but true)!

  26. Oh yes and I would looooooooove a photoshop lesson!

  27. Wow, your illustration rocks! I'm sure you would be a big hit on Etsy or Madeit...and you are already one step ahead with your blog and online presence. When I started my shop a few months ago I had no connections to the handmade/craft industry...and had never even read a blog let alone written one! But even so, customers have found me and slowly but surely things have sold. And if you love making things, having an online shop gives you more excuses to do exactly that, but all at your own pace. You should go for it!

  28. You totally should. This is amazing. You still do it for you, but if someone else likes it and will give you some money for it, then great. I love the pea!

  29. I love the Princess & The Pea - fantastic.
    And in regards to a shop.. you won't know if people will buy your stuff unless you give them a chance to buy it! Give it a go, go on!

  30. I love your picture - your princess has fabulous hair!
    I think it is hard to put yourself out there, but it can be quite rewarding as well. I tend to always give it a go (but that's just me!) - you can always stop if it doesn't make you happy.
    All the best with whatever you decide!

  31. Its fabulous Take the plunge and do it your work is fabulous!

  32. **shaking you gentle by the shoulder** just start. now. get a big glass of water and sit down and start.

  33. There's nothing wrong with making art for trades, rather than for sale. For example, I'd happily swap one of my printed tram cushions for a set of drawings I could frame for my kids' room. If you didn't want a cushion for yourself you could use it as a Christmas present for someone, saving yourself money. You could build up a huge stockpile of presents to give to people you'd otherwise spend money on. A penny saved is a penny earned!

  34. It's kind of like waiting for the perfect time to have a baby. And guess what? There is no perfect time. Go to it and let me know how to find your shop, I'll be your first customer. My daughter would go gaga for that princess pic.


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