Copy cat.

So I saw Nic’s post this morning about how she saw Kirsty’s post about snazzying up an old coat hanger & I thought “I’ll give that a whirl!” …unfortunately though I must be the only person in the world without a single wire coat hanger in her possession!


I made do with a fluoro orange plastic one – a damn sight uglier in my opinion & I only have them because I bought a box of them from Kmart when they were marked down to fifty cents when I thought perhaps one day I might decide to hang something up (I never did… they sit naked in a dark corner of a wardrobe that is stuffed full of scrunched up clothes – not a single thing is hanging…).


I had a rummage in my yarn tub which was abandoned last year at the first sign of spring & came up with some colours I thought might look good together & also that Punk might like for her room.


Starting at the neck I just tied & wrapped, & wrapped, & wrapped, then tied & wrapped & wrapped some more. I kept all the knots on the back so that the front stayed looking nice. The end of the hook was a bit hard… some messy white glue work was required for that & as a result that bit looks… uh, "rustic”, but over all I likey & might do some more when I’m bored.


I might even be inspired to start hanging things up…?

There is a flickr group here for completed hanger transformations – I won’t put this up as it isn’t wire, but I’ll definitely be checking out the contributions, why don’t you give it a go too?


  1. No wire coat hangers allowed in this house either. Ugh! I do like the concept of the revamp and I do like your perdy one too. X

  2. Wire hangers in this house are on the endangered list. If they put their heads up, bam! However, next time I might try this. I am sure it would be a therapeutic as macrame!

  3. Unfortunately, the majority of the coat hangers in my house are wire (leftovers from the ex-Mr CP's suit dry cleaning days).
    I can't believe you don't hang anything - I hang everything except for socks and jocks!

  4. Those colours are gorgeous!
    I've found only one wire coat hanger, the rest are wood. Had a sort out before we moved!X

  5. Nice! Are we a pair of fast adopters or what?! Nic

  6. it's super cute!!
    I don't have enough coat hangers, wire or otherwise at my housexo

  7. I think I know what I'll be doing on Thursday... (I wonder if we have any at our place?).

  8. We're wireless, as well. Might it be a crafty-person thing?

  9. Great project. Sweet to have in the cupboard - much nicer to look at than orange plastic : )

  10. Oh I have so many ugly coat hangers that I'm always despairing over so yes, I'll have to give this a try. I love the colours you used, it looks gorgeous!


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