Growing Bookworms.

Punky is a bookworm. She can’t read yet, but that doesn’t stop her from “reading” every night before bed. She chooses a selection of titles from her ample supply & bunkers down for some cosy book action.


She has A LOT of books. When her room is all tidy & all the books are on the shelves & not stacked in piles of varying heights throughout the house, I almost need a hammer to get those last few books in there.


Her book collection started well before she was born – on oppy runs I would come home with children’s books that reminded me of those I had as a child or those I used to read when staying with my Gran.


I can still remember the very first book I read to her – she would have been about two weeks old & I lay on the floor with her & held “The Cat in the hat comes back” above us. Her eyes were drawn to the high contrast pages as I read.

We could spend all day reading books over here. Some days we’ve come pretty close – my throat gets sore from reading aloud but Punk still sits quietly, listening, looking. Suspence joins us now – sturdy board books only – but he is all about the mashing & grabbing & chewing.

The Boy says Punk doesn’t need any more books, ever, but I don’t think you can ever have too many. Each new book is an adventure, the start of fond memories, something to hold, to admire, to get lost in, to share… that’s why yesterday when I saw this book being practically given away I grabbed two copies.


Illustrated by Emma Magenta, whom I knew from The Peril of Magnificent Love & written by one of my biggest girl-crushes, Toni Collette, this hardcover picture book is as quirky as it is delightful, the story of a naughty yawn who won’t share & on another level a cautionary tale about what we are doing to our environment.


So I said I picked up two copies? One has been read & re-read to Le Punk thrice already, the other is for you.

If you’ve a little person who would enjoy Planet Yawn, tell me in the comments the name of your favourite children’s book, the book that every child just has to have on their bookshelf – Punk’s on the lookout for new reads.

I’ll pick a winner at random in a few days, happy to post this gorgeous book anywhere you happen to be. xx


  1. Vic, I'm so with you on the book thing - I don't think anyone can ever have too many books. Mr 4 has stacks and just loves them too even though he can't read properly yet either. He goes through phases, but his faves are "Where's the Green Sheep" (the illustrations make him laugh) and all of Oliver Jeffers books because they are pure magic. Happy reading! Nic

  2. you can take the crafter out of the social worker but not the other way. EVERY child should have Everybodys Got a Bottom.... you will remember I reviewed it on my blog a little while back, about teaching them about who it is ok to touch etc....

    but for purely gorgeous pictures you cannot go past Pooh, Is That You Bertie, by David Roberts about farting. - how everyone does it ( we are all about "normalising" behaviour here) http://www.littletigerpress.com/lyndall/bertie.htm I love that the mum and da are cool hispter types not daggy mum stereotypes and bearded old dad eoither, check out the picture of dad in the tracksuit ( post rave we reckon) reclining on ht e lounge, scroll down the link...
    Thanks Vic.

  3. I can't wait till I have kids and to buy them all the books I had when I was a kid. I love wombat stew! Oh and Possum Magic and The Rainbow Fish. They were my favourites. But I agree with Yardage Girl that Oliver Jeffers books are magical.

  4. The Gruffalo, we love that book so much here and when my little man is a bit older I can't wait to read The magic faraway tree with him x

  5. I am sure I was born with a book in my hands :) My mother is a huge bookworm, even owned a 2nd hand book shop for years so we literally had 100's of books growing up some of which my children have inherited and my children also have scores of books which have had great use, my mum was out buying books for all her grandchildren as soon as she heard one of us was expecting :)
    Our favourite book at the moment is 'It's lovely when you smile' by Sam McBratney, my two youngest love it and the illustrations are gorgeous!

  6. When I was teaching, I loooooved reading Tikki Tikki Tembo and another called Dreadful David. Now my kids love these and we have read both so much I could read them now- without the actual book!

    (Tikki Tikki Tembo - Arlene Mosel
    Dreadful David - Sally Odgers)

    "Dreadful david went to stay with granny for a while. His mum was glad to leave him there for David was a trial....."

  7. Looks like a very cute childrens book. I hope to have future bookworms in my house too :)I think my middle child is there already...
    My favourite childhood book was the original full length Winnie the Pooh with the charming little illustrations...before it got all disneyised on us. It was the only book my dad would read to us..I think it was the only one in our collection he liked.
    So kind of you to do a giveaway.

  8. Oh goodness where do I start? We're going on a bear hunt is Jetts favourite (well second fave to his Dr Seuss collection ofcourse). Some other favourites are Who flung dung? about a poo throwing monkey (Suspence might find that one more to his taste being of the male persuasion lol) and the follow up book is called Cheeky Charlie (about said poo throwing monkey). They are great for a laugh, really dad friendly.
    Imagine by Alison Lester
    The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
    Any of the dreamtime stories like Tiddilick, How the birds got their colours, The frog who couldnt laugh.
    Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty
    Any of the Hairy Mclairy books.
    Any of the Mr McGee books.
    There's a hippopotomus on our roof eating cake by Hazel Edwards.
    I'll leave you with my favourite book as a kid, I checked it out of the library every week for years at primary school:
    Where the Forest Meets The Sea
    by Jeannie Baker.

  9. Just wanted to add - massive Dirty Bertie fans in our house too Cath! They are some of the best books Ive read and they are definately contemporary in illustration.

  10. LOVE Love that Punky is such a little bookworm and you've really encouraged that in her. ANd no there can never be too many children's books ever. or books.
    um is it ok to enter if the only little person is the one within me ( no I'm not preggers)?
    Anyway I'll give it a shot, but trying to name a favourite children's book is so hard as I have so many.
    it's very very hard for me to go past Winnie-the-Pooh by AA Milne ( the real one) and his 3 other pooh books, but then there's also the Lonesome Puppy by Yoshitomo Nara, Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers, and of course the Velveteen Rabbit and an old childhood fave of mine My cat likes to Hide in Boxes- which I can quote word for word
    and that's only the tip of the iceberg xo

  11. My kids are bookworms too and we haven't really bought any new books into the house for the last 6 months (apart from library books) and we're after some new reads!!

    We have a few favourites here - "Tree Ring Circus" by Adam Rex, "Pearl Barley & Charlie Parsley" by Aaron Blabey, "Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson, "Ten in the Bed" by Penny Dale and we've recently got really into Dr Seuss books. I posted about my favourite kids books at http://angesramblings.blogspot.com/2010/10/kids-books-i-love.html if you're interested!!

    And you cen tell Mr Punk that there is no such thing as owning too many books!!

  12. The Gruffalo has been a favourite here for a long time. We were given it as a present when we left Scotland as it is by a Scottish author. Lil has a Gruffalo toy and we've seen the play too. Big fans!

  13. Miss 4's favourites at the moment include Dinosaurumpus and storybook versions of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. Also she thinks Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham are hilarious. My favourite childhood book was a golden book called Mister Dog.

  14. We have 2 bookworms here and the
    3rd seems destined to follow. All the kids have loved "Fix It Duck" by Jez Alborough. All his duck books are a hoot and the whole house knows that this is a job for (scream at the top of your voice) "Fiiiix Iiiiit Duuuuuuck" The 2 Gruffalo books are also well loved.

  15. Jack's favourite, which was my favourite, is 'Go, Dog. Go!' by P.D. Eastman. It's published under the Dr Suess brand. Jack calls it 'Dogs In Cars'.

  16. Mu little daughter loves to "read" her favourite books to me by commenting the pictures. Her favourites change every now and then but she always comes back to "Zog" "The Gruffalo" and "Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson. She also loves "Dogger" and all the "Alfie" books by Shirley Hughes.

  17. how is she with suspense if he touches her books?! madeleine freaks out and says "no bubby, my books" - the miss m is rather passionate about her book collection, though i must say, it's not nearly as big at punky's collection! i think it's awesome you've done the oppy thing, some of the most awesome books i would suspect you get from oppy shops - one of madeleine's favourites is "GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU" - anyone heard of that awesome one? it's very sweet. my favourite book as a child was "MARZIPAN" - about a lovely siamese cat - i still have it! xxx

  18. You can NEVER have too many books, just not enough bookshelves!! Cx

  19. Ellie has so many favourites so instead I thought I would just mention the latest two to enter the house - Topsy and Tim go to the Zoo - Ellie just adores this Topsy and Tim series - they are just normal kids doing normal things, I think she identifies. The second one is The Talent Show by Jo Hodgkinson....the kid is really into putting on little shows so I thought she would like this one and she does.

  20. Oh so many books to choose from. The owlet bookshelf wouldn't be the same without...

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar - We have 3 copies!
    Any Jeannie Baker books
    Imagine, Magic Beach, Summertime, My Farm... Alison Lester writes AWESOME kids books that my girls love.
    The Story of the Little Mole.
    Hiawatha's Childhood.
    Cuddle Time
    Hello Baby
    Murgatroyd's Garden
    Fancy Nancy
    Wombat Diary... We love books :)

  21. Gorgeous post Vic! We have been reading to our buttons since the day they were born as well. They just love it. Little Miss devours anything Charlie and Lola, and Little Man will often be found just paging through his Thomas books or any pop up books like Spot that we have!

    Favourite....... Mmmm how to pick ~ Mem Fox is a big winner here,
    Where is the Green Sheep has been a fav here for years with both of them and Hello Baby is J's favourite right now because he likes to beat me to it!

  22. Definitely can't have too many books :D We have squillions here, and I have two budding bookworms growing lol Well one is definitely a bookworm, he devours books almost quicker than I can op-shop them for him.

    One of my most favourite books is The Lorax by Dr Suess - it also has the simple warning of looking after our resources.

  23. Vic,
    The Cherry Dress by Elizabeth Honey is a must have. I do hope you have it, or find it on an op shop run because I think it's out of print.
    It's about home made and handing on- this is from Allen and Unwin website-
    Sally wears her cherry dress every day, every summer, until she's just too big to wear it any more. The Cherry Dress is an affectionate story about growing up, favourite things, and the links between families and friends.

    When Sally grows too big for the cherry dress, it is passed on to Lucy, then Maria, and then Fiona, and when it is all worn out, it goes to Fiona's teddy. Sally's father takes a photo of Sally, Lucy, Fiona and Ted to send to Grandma, who made the dress for Sally so many years before.

    Love it- don't have a copy of it myself either, gave a couple away as pressies (with a dress I made with cherry fabric).

  24. oh, no one has mentioned Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley, I love that too. It's written about me and my bloke!
    Oh, I love this conversation!
    And, for slightly bigger children, the Milly Molly Mandy books are great- I read them and my mum read them when she was little too- and my daughter- we are a 3rd gen MMM fanclub!

  25. oh my gosh
    oh my gosh
    oooh my gosh..
    ... i can see those gnome books on your self!! i had those when i was a kid! awwww... i was obsessed with all things gnomes and goblins

    (i don't want your book thanks)

  26. I can't even tell you what our favourite book is called, but I could recite it word for word. It goes "one shoe, two shoes, I need new shoes. Off I go to the new shoe store. I say to the salesman I need new shoes, he says what do you need them for...." I think it's called new shoes, but it's a great story.

  27. The most popular book at my nursery is Beware of the Frog by William Bee. It has fab illustrations too.

  28. We actually already have 'Planet Yawn', but I have to share that 'CHEESE PLEASE' is our favourite kids book. We can all recite it by heart and it often pops up in conversation. Love it!


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