Incredibly grateful…

After reading the tragic news on a forum I visit that a loving mother lost her newborn daughter a couple of days ago… well, I am all the more grateful for my two beautiful children, and I have been hugging them even more, with a heavy yet full heart.


I am grateful for my contradictory princess. Eternally dirty, lover of gumboots & bikes & ballerinas & pink.


I am grateful for the bond between siblings I see developing even now.


I am grateful for my cheeky boy, who although he may have one health concern that is still rather an unknown factor, is robust, joyful & sweet.

More grateful posts with Maxabella. xx


  1. Heart breaking. A friend of mine just lost a 14y.o. & boy did it make me hold my 4 children - approaching that silly teenage era, a little closer. Yes, love them more & more each day, i'm super lucky with healthy ones, all we can muster up is mild asthma in the 3rd daughter. Love Posie

  2. Oh god how terrible ! It does make us stop and think doesn't it !

  3. Oh how awful :( my heart goes out to that mumma.

    Your two are gorgeous....punky and izzy would get on like a house on fire...izzy too is ruled by all things pink, princessy and gum booty!

  4. beautiful Vic.
    How awful for that poor mother. so sad xo

  5. I don't even know these people and it brings a tear to my eye.

    anything involving children really!

  6. As a Mummy who has lost 2 beautiful babies to still birth, my heart goes out to her, even not knowing her, I will be thinking of her.
    Your children are beautiful, keep them close xxx

  7. So very sad, Vic. It makes us appreciate what we have so very much.

  8. It's a terrible thing that sometimes it takes the loss of others to make us realise how lucky we are here and now with what we have however big or small. Enjoy your weekend with your babies. xx

  9. holding those babes tight.

    That first pic of Le Punk is PRICELESS.

    xx A

  10. That first photo of Punk...so CUTE!

  11. Oh that's such a sad thing to have happen to someone. We really are lucky to have our children. I hope Suspence is ok.

  12. Oh that is so very sad. How will she ever recover? It just blows my mind. x


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