Today, after a bit of a late-night facebook chat with one of my little brothers, I’m grateful that we can indeed still chat after being apart for so long.

There are 11 years between myself & by biggest little bro, he used to annoy me when I was being all angsty in my bedroom listening to Korn & I used to babysit him & my other two siblings what seemed like all the time.


I think the fact that there is such a large age gap between us makes for a good sibling relationship – we’ve never fought about anything – a teenager fighting with a four year old wouldn’t have been a good look – and we’ve just always got along, despite seeming to come from different planets; he’s a tall popular football star & I was… well… Daria. Since I moved out of home at 16 though, then to a different town, then to a town further away, then further, then further, then even further… we don’t get to hang out very often.


I’m grateful that he fell into his role as an Uncle so easily (so did my other little bro, in case he’s reading this; you know I luff ya, now be CAREFUL ON THAT BLOODY MOTORBIKE!) – Punk adored him almost instantly last time he was down, I just hope that we get to see more of him in the future than we have in the last few years.


Miss ya Boof. xx

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  1. gorgeous Vic! I hope you get to hang out more from now on too, it's very special to have a good relationship with a sibling xo

  2. The power of modern technology! I skype and facebook to keep in touch with my family in NZ.

    There are 17 yrs between our oldest and youngest so it's reasurring to hear that you and your brother have a close bond :)

  3. Lovely post Vic. There are only 2 years between myself and my only, older sibling but he and I have no relationship. I hope each of my kids love their siblings because now I see it from a parent's viewpoint.

  4. Daria..hee...heee....nice warm fuzzy post lovey. At the moment I'm keeping in contact with half my family all around the world through iphone scrabble, its nice.

  5. I adore my bothers, i am very close to both of them. They are polar opposites (hairdresser and arborist) but we all get along and look out for each other. Lovely post

  6. Loved it when you called yourself Daria, had me laughing out loud! My sister & I had 5 years between us. We're best friends now. But when she was in her Daria faze my excessive sushine & lolly pops ways rubbed her the wrong way (I'm sure when I hit that faze that would have bothered me too, luckily there were no other siblings, I don't think Mum would have handled it!). X

  7. ahh Korn. Takes me back.

    my brother's are just the same. they just ace being an uncle.


  8. Gorgeous post. I am 8 years older than my littlest big bro, and we get along so well too. Apart from the day he was born (the day after my 8th birthday!) I cried and cried, as I wanted a sister, I already had a brother, did not need another one.....but I dressed him up like a doll all the time, and he laughs it off now. Love him!

  9. that's lovely! glad you could have a good yarn!

  10. What would we do without technology!I am really far away from any of my family and thanks goodness for skype so we can still see each other.
    Great thankful post!
    Have a great week
    Sandrine x

  11. What a good looking family you are! I'm glad you found such a special relationship together. Family is so important to happiness. They are our tribe. All ours. x


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