The Benefits of Hoarding.

Hoarding, specifically hoarding craft supplies, means never having nothing to do. It means that one can, when inspiration strikes, whip up something with a moment’s notice.


And so it was with my Mum’s birthday present.


I forgot it was her birthday until the day before & couldn’t find anything I liked enough or could afford to give her as a gift, so I gave up googling random selections of her favourite things & made her something instead.


I was particularly chuffed with the camera although, ironically, I couldn’t photograph it very well. I cut it free hand from felt & it turned out better than I thought it would, although my “applique” skills leave a LOT to be desired!

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  1. Finally! There ARE benefits! Hooray for revealing that there are some areas of our lives that it's ok to have a fair bit of stuff. Love your combo of purple, felt and shirt. Am sure your mum did too!

  2. That's awesome, and I do agree..:)

  3. You know it's not really hoarding if you're prepared to use it :D It's just stashing. Totally different LOL.

  4. Exactly!! I've too recently found just the perfect thing to complete a project in the chaos of my hoardings.
    And your cushion is smashing by the way, Bet she'll be over the moon xo

  5. I love that cushion !
    Oh can I please quote you the next time my partner says "do you really need all that stuff?" !!!
    Have a great day and Happy Birthday to your mum, Dee x

  6. I absolutely agree with Tin Can Daisy, it is stashing if its going to be used for something one day!

    I love the pillow, and I bet your Mum loved it too.

  7. Nice work dear! Love the camera and I think your appliqué is grand!
    Happy Birthday Punky's Mama's Mama!

  8. You see I knew there was a reason to throw nothing away! fantastic cushion. Well done in giving us all a justification for what some call a problem. We now know its a solution!

  9. Such a good cushion... and I totally agree that hoarding is useful sometimes (as long as one remembers where one put the stuff...)

  10. I am guessing that your mum loved it Vic :)

  11. It is flippin brilliant! Love, love love it.
    Yes, one can never hoard too many craft supplies. Until you decide to move countries and realise you have so much stuff and wonder what the heck you gonna do with it?

  12. Good work! Nothing to complain about the appliqué :) - I'd actually like to copy that for a sofa pillow, maybe you could post a pattern?

    What did you mum say??? I bet she loves it.

  13. oh how ace is THAT?
    can I ask where do you get your tags? I have been looking for some, and yours are ace!

  14. noice Ms Vic, absolutely noice!
    well done and yay for hoarding but I do agree with Catherine, as long as you can find it all when needed...hmmm, now where did i put that..hmmm

  15. Love the camera! What a great personalized gift! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!


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