Crafty Crimestoppers.

Nikkis stolen bag

Hopefully you’ve already seen this bag – since last night it has been posted & reposted on facebook & twitter & blog posts are popping up all over – but this post is for that one person who hasn’t seen it yet, yet still might.

This gorgeous bag was brazenly stolen from Nicole’s stand at the Australian Quilt Convention yesterday & she’s devastated. As you would be. As we should all be.

I just read Jennie’s post & it makes a lot of sense that it may have been stolen by a thief solely there to steal as opposed to a crafter that decided to thieve. It shouldn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things but I really don’t want to think that anyone who spends their time creating handmade things could possibly take another crafter’s hard work so heartlessly.

The bag has immense sentimental value for Nicole – it was used in her new book & the button is from her beloved late Grandmother’s stash.

Please share pictures of this bag anywhere & everywhere you can think of. Cam has HTML buttons for your blogs, stick ‘em up high & hope like hell that someone, somewhere, has seen this bag & it get’s returned to it’s rightful owner.


  1. It was Nikki who first said to me she suspected a dedicated thief, as other stallholders nearby had also lost stuff. That reminded me of my shoplifting story and thus my long free-association about where the bag might turn up!

  2. It's terrible, isn't it? I was really shocked when I read it. It's a sad reminder to all of us that these things happen. I do hope it turns up.


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