This Week…

Well kids, it worked again! I did everything in my post last week, even if the decision about MPAY was very last minute – I decided last night with the help of Cathie on facebook to not get on that ride again. I’m happy with that decision & I hope those of you who were wanting it back here aren’t too disappointed.

This week… ah, I have so many things I should write down, so many things that need doing & me to do them, but what fun is “This week I am going to clean the bathroom again”? No fun, that’s what.



This week I am going to make myself some wrap pants using this tute. If I use vintage sheets they’ll be perfect lounge pants. I hope.


This week we’re off to see a man about a horse, or more precisely, a paediatrician about a Suspence, so I am going to think positive thoughts about that. I really am. I’m certainly going to try…


This week I am going to try my darndest to drink more water. My current water intake – as in water water not water in the form of tea – is shamefully little. Tips for this are welcomed.

What are you up to this week?


  1. I've been trying my darndest to drink more water. With Amy still not taking any bottles I need to keep my liquid levels up! I like Bunderim ginger refresher cordial from the supermarket, makes water a bit more interesting.

  2. Hmm, I think I'm guilty of the tea drinking instead of water thing too. Hope the doctors visit goes well.
    So cute to use the vintage pictures. I have the Doctor Dan book on my kid's shelf too.

  3. and here I am thinking that tea = water..sheesh! I better get my intake sorted too then.
    whatever you do don't take tips from a certain Miss Curlypops, her water intake is always of the red sweet variety ;)
    goodluck with the docs visit!
    have a good week ♥

  4. Find yourself an adorable/vintage/gorgeous jug which looks fantastic out on the bench (so you want to leave it out!). Slice up some lemon and some mint from garden and put it on the bench/table next adorable/vinatge/gorgeous glass(which you found at Vinnies when you were looking for said jug) to remind you to drink, drink, drink!!!

  5. I drink mineral water - the bubbles make it more fun!

  6. Positive thoughts coming your way from here, Vic. When you work out the water thing, let me know. It gets even harder as the weather cools down...

  7. I'm the one that thought coffee = water. I'd better heed some advice too!

    Hope your appointment goes well!!X

  8. I'm hopeless with water too. The only thing that has worked for me it to keep a small glass next to the tap. I have a rule that if I want a cup of tea I have to skull a glass of water. You can make other rules too, like if you pee you drink, or if you feed the baby you drink or if you spot the glass you drink. But really the tea one works best.
    I have my fingers crossed for you and your little man. Hugs.

  9. Im telling you its magic - my did all my "This Weeks" too - you should patent it.

  10. As a water drinker "professional' motivator i can offer the following assistance;
    1. carry bottle always, around the house even.
    2. aim to drink one 600ml bottle before 12 and the next one before 4pm
    3. if you are really thirsty you are already dehydrated don't let your slef go that long without drinking water.
    4.drink it before and after your cup of tea.
    5. drink it before you eat.
    6. have it next to you while you are on the computer.
    7. just think of it as a new habit, take it with you when you go out , phone purse, keys bottle of water.
    I will check in mid week to see how you are progressing.

  11. I drink a lot of water. Not sure how much but a lot. I only like really cold water and upped my intake by drinking a glass everytime I went to get a glass. So by the time I got my next glass I had drunk two instead of one.

    Also when I was breastfeeding I would always have a big drink when bubs was drinking. So by the time he was done, we had both had a big drink. If you are bottle feeding, still drink when you sit to feed, good excuse to sit and drink for 5 seconds.

    Hope bubbas appointment was all good, I have the female version of that book, Nurse Nancy.

  12. Good luck with the doctors and Suspence this week.
    It's hard to drink more water, I decided to drink a glass of water as I was waiting for the kettle to boil. I at least kept up the water to the same number of glasses as cups of tea. It's a start!

  13. I have been enjoying sparkling water - has a bit more pizzazz than plain old tap water. But other than that, I'd say water is much better used for tea!!

  14. i have the same water issue. i don't drink it at all, i just don't like it. so what i started doing was making a huge hot lemon & honey drink each morning in a giant glass. also put a large glass next to the sink and when you see it make yourself go and fill it up and basically skull it so you don't have time to think 'oh i hate having to do this'. i add a tiny bit of cordial as incentive. btw Dr Carl says there are no scientific facts and know one has proved that we need to drink 2l of water a day so don't beat yourself up. he knows everything right?!

  15. I have done mine - I seem to run a day behind LOL:)

    Good luck with the drinking more water - we bought a water purifyer that sits on the bench - has helped me ALOT (I dont like the taste of the water here) and it looks at me on the bench and makes me have a glass as I walk into the kitchen:)

  16. love the dr dan GB! bought a new version for my nephew who's dad is a dan. very cool to see an old version!


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