Lovely Pip of Meet Me at Mikes was in my town yesterday for a spot of country opping & failed to find anything that tickled her fancy, although she ooohparently struck gold elsewhere on the way home. I was a bit sad that the oppy gods had failed to shine their light this way for her visit – I really like my local haunts & you know they’ve been good to me, but I was also intrigued by the marvellous sounding store she got to rummage in later – although I have passed it many times I have never had the chance to stop in. Crazy I know, but true – it’s in a town we go through to get to sushi, or doctors, or one of many of the other trappings of civilization, & as a result, we usually rush through running late & cruise by on the way home with slumbering children in the back seat.


Spurred on by Pip’s account of delicious clutter & even more delicious homemade preserves, I took myself & the kiddos off to check it out this morning – but it was closed. We stopped for bakery goods instead & drove to a nice park where Suspence had his first turn on the swing & Le Punk took him on the slide. It was very nice indeed, yet Punk & I had been looking forward to an oppy rummage. When we got back into town we decided to swing by a couple for a browse if nothing else.


My haul today is proof of the fickle nature of opshops. Feast & famine, treasure & trash; you never know with an oppy what you’re going to get when you walk in & that’s just one of the reasons why I love it.


A gorgeous mustard coloured vintage hat, cute sunnies, sweet Staffordshire cups & saucers & a little bundle of old sewing patches – including one from ‘Iron Knob,SA’. Punk lucked out with a pile of quality kids books for 10 cents each.


Of course Pip & I may not have similar tastes in oppy fare, but my goodies have redeemed my local shops in my eyes, & reminded me that the best days so rarely go to plan.


  1. Gold! Go you! And of course oppys should always reward their regulars with the best bounty. Those are the rules! I got sunglasses too, at your Salvos! Bummer that the Winky one was closed, I wonder when they are open.... I thought it was M-F 10 til 4...? x

  2. I thought of you yesterday when I was introduced to a new op shop and got a bounty of delicious finds for a very low price :) . If I can manage to find where the kids have put them I will take photos and blog it. Love your finds :)

  3. Oh, I want those cups and saucers. Vic, you do know that the op-shopping gods have a soft spot for you and look out for you, yeah?

  4. Just found your delightful blog :)

    One can never have enough cups and saucers and these two are gorgeous...from one thrifter to another, great finds.


  5. Lurv that hat!! And those teacups.


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