It’s been a while since my last obsession, surely I’m due?

What is it this time I hear you groan?


I’ve always liked the idea of tea more than tea itself. Tea parties, tea pots, fancy pants tea blends… they are all very nice & appealing, but me being me, my daydreams are a far cry from reality. I’ve nobody to tea party with, I got rid of my disused teapot collection as our “kitchen” is way too small to cook in let alone display teapots I didn’t use & I’ve always been too lazy to properly brew loose leaves. Usually, when I have a cup of tea, it is steeped from a sad little tea bag & tripped out with milk & sugar. Recently though I have been happily dipping lovely little gauzy pyramids of tea into my cup. With a bit more room to expand, & dare I say it, a higher quality blend of tea, my usually daggy cuppa has gone & had itself a little makeover.

I’ve even been drinking it without milk. Without sugar. I don’t know if you would be able to pay me to drink a normal cup of tea from a regular old teabag without copious amounts of milk & sugar – I’ve tried it in the past & it’s not an experience I remember fondly… but, can you see where I am going here…? I think I am wanting to move even further up the tea appreciation scale. Past the little supermarket bought pyramids & onto those wonderfully exotic loose leaf blends I have so often admired, snuffled & ultimately never bought; if better tea bags produce such a markedly better cup of tea, than no tea bag at all, well, it should be bliss in a tea cup.

Enter the gadget. You know it’s not an obsession with me unless I have a chance to waste spend some money on it…


The ingenuiTEA! I found it while lollygagging about on ThinkGeek, NEEDED to order it & now I am waiting. Waiting. Waiting. The wait has been made all the more painful by lots of lovely tea arriving from adore tea yesterday… what a TEAse! (I kill me.)


All this & not a thing to brew it in! Bec suggested putting some in pantyhose & sticking that in the cup… as truly retro as that would be, I am very sad (not really..) to say I’ve not a single pair to wear, let alone steep tea in….


…so I wait, while regretting my hasty decision to de-teapot the kitchen.


Do you like tea? (I know this lady does, and this one…) Do you know very much about it? I was shamefully un-informed about the the hows & whys of tea before I stumbled into this tea class, if you’ve any interest at all you should check it out – you’ll be spouting (ha! spouting! Like a teapot!) interesting tea facts to everyone you know.


  1. I love tea, love it in a pot but I am not very adventruous, I like earl grey, lady grey and english breakfast.

  2. I LOVE tea too, and I love your little obsessions.
    I'm really stuck on the T2 creme brulee, but always like to know a new good place xo

  3. I would be interested to see how you go with it. I'm only a recent tea drinker too..in a bid to stay off the coffee. My supermarket favourites are Madura and Twinings in english breakfast and earl grey (the latter I'm sipping on right now).

  4. I love, love, love tea and everything about it including teacups and teapots. I cannot pass my hutch without gazing at all my little vintage delights :)

  5. I hope no one really thinks I would do the pantyhose thing, I was ONLY KIDDING PEEPS!

  6. I love tea! I had a friend who worked at an exotic tea place for a few years and I began to really get into it, plus get lots of new teas to try. Do you have a fine sieve? Boil water, pour over loose tea in a bowl, cover bowl with plate, let steep appropriate amount of time, pour water and tea through strainer into cup, careful not to burn yourself. That's it!
    Ooh, I saw jasmine pearls! The taste is very mild but the scent is heavenly! I'm excited to hear your favorites.
    Happy tea time!

  7. Just ordered my new teapot this morning on Cathie's recommendation. Loooove tea!!

  8. Bit of a tea addict here also! I love tea! I drink at least four cups a day and I would be lost without it. Not huge fan of herbals, but I like green and peppermint and roobos, but my favourite are caffinated!

    If you ever fancy catching up for a brew and a natter, I'd love to!

  9. I love tea. I love the jasmine pearls you got..yum and any other teas that unfurl into beautiful flowers in your pot! I get most of mine from T2 cos it's not too far away.

    When you get adventurous you can start mixing a few together! Ooooh and my most favourite tea at the moment is one with rose buds and dried fruit in it!

  10. I've missed your obsessions. And you have me intrigued with sticky date flavour!

  11. hey what are those teas like?
    i need something new, I haven't made my chai blend for ages, just use teabag chai.
    let me know whenever you can. thanks Ms Vic ♥


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