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The story of Ita Buttrose, Kerry Packer, Jack Thompson stripping off & the birth of Cleo?


Did you watch it? Did you love it? I watched it. I loved it. Except for Ita’s lisp. I could have done without that… but everything else was great. If you missed it you can watch it here.

If you did watch it & you did love it, you may, like me, be coveting all things 70s? Asher Keddie’s wardrobe as Ita was a-ma-zing; & if I ever get the chance to frolic in the ABC’s props department I will be in seventh heaven – the sets were so very accurate right down to the biscuit tins!

Let’s shop the 70s, shall we?

First we need some wheels


…then some heels


Some funky shades;


A velvet dress!


Kitchen ware


…not forgetting the fondue set


…and a nice phone for making important calls to the office.


Oh I could go on… and I very well may.


  1. Watched it. Loved it. Great TV and Asher was brilliant. Didnt mind the lisp I thought she captured Ita perfectly....though Ita herself might disagree. Your 70s collection...to die for.

  2. I missed it. loudly kicking self in head.

  3. Looks great but can't watch, for Australian viewing only :o(
    Love the shoes!

  4. I watched it and loved it too. I thought she nailed the accent, lisp and all.

    I hate to admit it but I'm old enough to remember the 70's. My folks had a fondue set and I have to tell you cheese fondue isn't all it's cracked up to be - though it's great if you like being constipated lol. LOVE that car though.

  5. It was fabulous wasn't it? I am not so much into the 70s fashion (I prefer older than that) but I'd love an orange phone. And I didn't mind the lisp. That's Ita.

  6. How good was it? Even hubby was glued to it :) I loved Asher in pretty much everything I've seen her in. The clothes...dresses and trenches..sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong era.

  7. Go on Go on!!
    Loved it.
    (though spotted Spotlight fabric as the curtains when she was in hospital after the birth!)

  8. love it! I didn't realise how cool the 70's were...but secretly, I don't think the average woman would have looked so glam.
    loved their hair, their clothes and even that lisp.
    i walked away for a minute & without looking I swear I thought it was Ita speaking.
    awesome, sad it was only on for 2 nights!!!
    love your finds ♥

    p.s my boy loved the valiant!! I said.."too bad about the F#$%$ driving it!"

  9. i also loved Asher's clothes- they got me wanting to go retro. Most of the hairdos were inspirational too - infact i cut myself a fringe this morning. but I was amazed at how little impact having children had on Ita. kids? what kids?

  10. I loved it too... and your 70's styling collection is fabulous!

  11. Loved every second of it, including the lisp!! Best Australian telemovie in a long time. I could watch it again tonight! Highlights for me were: hairstyles, Kezza, Asher (amazing), the fashion and the music. And all that walking up and down hallways looking assertive and sassy was quite good too! Great script, excellent actors, very impressed :)

  12. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!!!! Lisp and all, I thought she had Ita down pat and I LOVED the guy who played Kerry....Just down right brilliant Aussie Acting.

    Oh...sorry I wont be playing alone in the cushion swap, it's a little outta control over here.


  13. Oh, I love this post. Loving the 70s (although any photographs I have in my brown flares leaves me a bit pale). But yes, fabulous show! I've just read mamamia.com.au and magazines certainly aren't what they used to be! Thanks for popping over to my blog. I might just pop over again :-) xx

  14. I just really wanted the groovy box of kleenes: it was so 70s and flowery!!
    Plus I loved Annie Woodham's hair style!!

  15. I didn't watch it, but I feel like I got a great taste of the era in this here post.

  16. I've thrown the teev away, but I couldn't miss this one so I watched it on iview, and loved it!!
    Also love this 70's virtual shopping trip of yours, thanks for sharing these.

    p.s Cath - watch it on i-view online, you'll love.

  17. Might have to find some time to watch it. Im such a granny these days if its not on TV before 8:30 I dont see it lol
    Btw, I <3 those shoes.


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