Vic does Regretsy.

I still love Regretsy, they find some weird @#$% on Etsy & the posts & subsequent comments are often more funny than the misguided crafts they are…. “critiquing”.

I thought I’d compile a little list of things that I’ve come across recently that should have been on Regretsy with some witty remarks, but instead are just here. With me.

Feel free to be sardonic in the comments, just like the real thing (Also just like the real thing, the pics link to the shop, so… well, what are you waiting for…?)


Soleless shoes! Who knew we each had several pairs of these lying about in the form or twine, old string & for the particularly ironic… shoelaces? If you have none of the above, you probably can’t afford shoes WITH soles, these are bound to be in your budget for a mere $5 plus post.


I was going to post this just because I was well freaked out by the head; the title of this piece is “Aretha Fishing From my Going Fishing & Throwing them back in Collection” & I was thinking “I’d bloody well throw that back in too love!”. Then I saw in the description that it is meant to be ‘utterly ridiculous’. In the most wonderful way. Of course.


From the description; “This is the greatest thing!I made this out of our sugar container when it was empty I wiped it clean,then I cut the top off and added a cute golden pipe cleaner for a handle!!”

I really don’t think there is anything I can add except to express my deep disappointment that she doesn’t ship outside America.



  1. I had "sole-less shoes" for my wedding. I called it foot jewelry. But they weren't made with old shoelaces. I appeased my mother, who didn't want me to be barefoot. Everybody wins! They were quite pretty.

    Regretsy scares me! How do people come up with that stuff?

  2. Is that woman with the sugar container serious. WTF???

  3. you know that awkward moment when you laugh and then you realise that they are not joking, and then you pause becuase, surely they are joking and they are stringing you along abit...and then no, not joking (but surely they aren't serious). That's where I am at with the sugar container. And then I think, hmm, could I be making some money on the etsy thing...
    thanks for the puzzled laugh Vic. Have a happy day

  4. I want to say so much about the sugar container but I'd feel mean. I am just glad that you didn't post any vulva pillows or uterus earrings :P

  5. I just wonder how it is that they actually SELL these things! I have a shop on etsy (SewWriteCreations) and I work HARD to make sure all my seams are even & straight, and I pay attention to all the details in my work, but my sales aren't anywhere NEAR theirs! I just have to wonder about people with more money than brains!

  6. I love Regresty. Seriously funny stuff, people who take their craft too seriously.


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