I’ll pass on the figgy pudding….


Seriously; You learn something new everyday.

Did you know about the secret life of figs? Did you know that you are not, strictly speaking, a vegan if you consume some figs…?

I didn’t. No sir, I did not.

Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew


  1. it's funny, that's something I knew, but hadn't really thought about (I think I will try and conveniently NOT think about it ever again...)

  2. I've never liked figs anyhow. But I am not sure that I needed to know that lol.

  3. oh my goodness, I wish you hadnt told me, gross! I have a fig sitting in my fruit bowl right now that I will not be eating lol

  4. Don't stress - the common fig (what most people would grow) doesn't need pollination from a fig wasp.
    Wiki helped me out :)

    Persistent (or Common) figs do not need pollination; fruit develop through parthenocarpic means. This is the variety of fig most commonly grown by home gardeners. Adriatic, Black Mission, Brown Turkey, Brunswick, and Celeste are some representative cultivars.

  5. No!!!! No way!!! so those popping little crunchy bits we thought were seeds......GROSS.

    Meanwhile, flaxseed oil (one of few sources of vegan omega 3's at the healthfood shop the other day, all 5 different brands -gelatine capsule. FAIL. How stupid. Do they think anoyone would seek out the unplatable horrid stuff if they weren't vegan/vegetarian? Apparently Melrose are the only common brand with a vegan capsule...FYI.

    How long have you been vegan?

  6. Hey Bianca - unfortunately I have been off the ethical eating bandwagon since I was pregnant with Le Punk; slowly working my way back however, I really REALLY need to read Animal Liberation again as that is the book that really clicked with me & I absolutely had no desire to use any animal based products from then, but when I was pregnant I had massive cravings for all sorts of things & just haven't gone back.

    Baby steps now but steps all the same... ;)

    (Oh, but before that I was totally vegan for 3 years, vego for 5.)


  7. That actually make me feel better, since our clever little pup has taken a liking to figs and helps herself to the ones on the tree! Now I don't feel so annoyed about the dog beating me to them!


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