Let’s waste some time.

Do you know what was the number one song on your twenty-first birthday? Mine was, to my dismay, Complicated by Avril Lavigne (The Boy’s was Shakira!).

On the day I was born it was Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield.

The number one on my eighteenth birthday was much better than those, and something I would have actually listened to at the time; Last Kiss by Pearl Jam.

To find the relevant hits for your memorable birthdays, or whenever, go here, be sure to come back & tell me if you’ve got some funny ones!


  1. My 21st song was "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal (which I remember dancing to).
    My birth songs were: Evie Pt 1 (Aus), Can't get enough of your love, babe (US) and Kung Fu Fighting (UK) - all of which I have nostalgic feelings for, not so much from my childhood (that was all Simon and Garfunkel and Bob Dylan), but from "retro nights" at the pub as a young lass.
    My husband's birth song - Mull of Kintyre!
    Thanks for the time waster, Vic!

  2. On the day i was born the number one song in Australia was "Video killed the Radio Star" by buggles. My 18th birthday was "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" by The Offspring. My 21st was Alien Ant Farm's version of "Smooth Criminal"....not bad....

  3. I've gone with the US chart because that is where I was

    On the day of my birth
    Bridge over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel

    My 18th
    Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson

    My 21st
    Coming out of the Dark- GLoria Estefan

    Wow, the only one of those songs that I would listen to by choice would be Simon and Garfunkel.

    now I had to look at the Aussie ones for my 18th and 21st
    I should be so lucky - Kylie Minogue
    Sucker DJ - Dimples D
    I have no effing idea about this song.

    I was not a pop music sort of girl in my teens and beyond.

  4. I think that I am a bit too scared to be reminded of my age. Avril Lavigne wont be in any of my charts, that's for sure. Oh, OK , I give in...

  5. Hilarious!
    I worked in nightclub at the time (while I was at uni) so it's quite appropriate that Here's Johnny by Hocus Pocus was number 1. I must have heard that song a million times that year ha ha.

  6. My 21st was some Killing Heidi song. My 18th was Don't Speak by No Doubt - much better! Ugh, it says on the day I was born it was C'mon Aussie C'mon!

  7. Well, that was depressing. Neil Sedaka for my birth date. Really?
    Finky Town by Pseudo Echo for my
    Love Shack for my 21st- more like it.
    Wont give me this year's for my 42nd lol. Probably too old to cope.
    I used to love Jesse's Girl WHEN I WAS A TEENAGER, you young thing, you!

  8. Wake me up before you go go - Wham (birth)
    A little less conversation - Elvis vs jxl (18th)
    and totally cringe worthy - Crazy frog - Axel F (21st)

    fun stuff, thanks Vic!

  9. Well, mine really suck! My birthday was a Sherbet song, My 21st was "fastlove" by George Micheal, my wedding day was "because I got high" by Afroman(?!) the only half decent one was my 18th with "easy" by Faith no more.

  10. So cool, for me, the week i was born, Jive Talkin by the Bee Gees (yay, an Australian band!!) I learnt something, i always thought it was Jibe Talking, i'm quite famous for singing wrong lyrics & clearly, now i think about it, they're not jibing are they, they're funky walking, 1975 style!! On my husband's 21st - Bobby Brown married Whitney Houston, didn't that work out well??!! Love Posie

  11. Oh hay, the Australian chart for me was Kung Fu Fighting the week i was born, i think Catherine & i might be close to twins?? Love Posie

  12. haha, the day i was born the #1 song was Rock Me Amadeus - Falco.

    On my 18th birthday it was Yeah - Usher feat Lil Jon and Ludacris. Great.

    On my 21st it was Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5. Which is at least okay.

  13. Mibne is Billy don't be a hero!! Funny!!

  14. Hee hee!
    My birth song was 'pop muzik' M,
    18th Birthday - Mmmm Bop (hanson)
    21st Birthday - Freestyler (Bomfunk mcs)

  15. birth - age of reason - john farnham (ICK!)
    18th - hips don't lie - shakira (ahahahahaha love it)
    21st - boom boom pow - black eyed peas (did NOT play at my 21st)
    love catherine's songs!
    excellent time wasters :D

  16. haha, the song that was number 1 on my 21st was 'What About Me' - Shannon Noll

  17. My birth day song was Madonna "Into the Groove", awesome!
    My 18th bday song was Bring me to Life by Evanescence. Ah happy memories.
    My 21st bday song was Hips dont Lie by Shakira. I think I may have boogie heavily pregnant with my little Bear to this song lol


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