Roll up, roll up!

Good afternoon ladies & gentlebeans & welcome to the Punky Awards!

There has been a little unrest lately in some quarters of the blogging world, about authenticity, sponsorship, honesty, motives, ethics… while eavesdropping on some of this it occurred to me that I don’t have any inkling of any of those sorts of “issues” when visiting my favourite blogs, & maybe that’s why they’re my favourites? If I don’t like what I think someone is doing on their blog I just don’t go back – it’s their blog, not mine & they can do whatever they like with it, but if they are obviously out for fame or whatever meagre fortune a blogger might be able to squeeze from promotions, ads & free trials, then their place is not somewhere I want to be. My favourite blogs are comfy cosy places, made so by their genuine owners who are part of a vibrant community online.

Ironically, I don’t know where my little blog sits in that community; I don’t post purely crafty stuff, I rarely bake, I don’t just blog about kids or being a mum, I just do my own eclectic thing over here & if someone likes it they are welcome to stay, but if they don’t, well, tough titties as they say in the classics (…which genre those classics belong in I shall leave to your imagination…).

Anywho, without any further ado (What IS ‘ado’?!) I would like to present the very first Punky awards to some of my favourite bloggy peeps, peeps you probably visit too, just because they’re ace & I like them & want them to know it. I want them to know that THEY make blogging fun for me & so many others & I appreciate them sharing little bits of themselves with me, you, us. Because I wanted this to be a sneaky surprise I have blatantly stolen pictures of them from their blogs without asking. It’s not at all good form to do this you know, very bad blogging etiquette indeed, so no telling, okay?

The first Golden Punk goes to…. *insert drumroll here* Cam of Curly Pops fame. Cam is amazing, truly.


She draws, designs fabric, makes brooches, sews, provides tutorials, provides encouragement, links freely & without obligation & is, I think, just a pillar of the crafty community. Her only downside is a dirty little Milo habit.

Next up is Kate of Foxs Lane.


I am in awe of Kate, quite honestly, & what she manages to fit into her hours, her days, her weeks. She has three gorgeous girls & a devoted farmer boy come husband, she has an organic farm, an online store, a knitting/crocheting/sewing addiction & somehow seventy hours in every day. I am always amazed when I pop over & she’s finished another project, or twelve, solves some parenting crisis or other & more than likely ploughed a field….

This Golden Punk is for someone so truly beautiful it shines through her blog, her emails, her comments… it shines so bright you have to squint a bit to see clearly, but then you do, you can see & you can read & you can FEEL that this woman gives a damn, she might be the most genuine person I am yet to come across in blog land, she is certainly the best baker.


I’m talking about you Cathie!

A couple more, if you are sitting comfortably? If I had a budget of millions (okay, just ‘a budget’) this is where I would undoubtedly have to insert some sort of Beyoncé interlude, but thankfully, I don’t & we can just move on….

Jess. A Golden Punk with teddy bear ears on for Jess.


A heart of gold, a houseful of bears & someone you can tell anything to (& I have!). She doesn’t realise at all how special she is you know, & that’s a crying shame. She doubts herself too much, but that makes for some of the most amazing little bears & animals you’ll ever see. She’s not happy until they are perfect; perfect in their unique little wonky way.

Another special one, an embroidered Golden Punk for Cath of Chunky Chooky, I like Cath’s piece of blog land because she pulls no punches.


She’s brutally honest when she needs to be & doesn’t take any crap from anyone. She’s an ethical crafter & a talented one.

And last (for now, there are SO MANY MORE…) but not least is Nic from Yardage Design.


Everything Nic makes is beautiful. Seriously. I have had the pleasure of winning, buying & being gifted work from Yardage Design & everything has been so gorgeous. It took me a very long time to use one of her tea towels for the first time as I thought it was too nice to use! I’m glad I started though because it makes me smile when I’m in the kitchen, it’s fun & bright just like Nic herself & her blog is just great too. Lovely pictures of lovely things – what’s not to like?

…and that folks, is it for the very first instalment of the Punky Awards. I hope you had fun, don’t get too messy at the after party, okay?


  1. Oooh, I am glad to be able to nod knowingly because I share the love for a few of those lovely ladies' blogs. Now I need to check out those that I am missing.

  2. Very worthy blogs and bloggers :)
    I don't read nearly enough blogs to get into the 'in topics'. It's an effort to post anything to my blog of late, I'm loosing the blogging love I'm afraid. I have nothing left to say that is interesting or original right now and it's showing in my posts.
    On the up side I'm spending less time on the computer and getting 'a life' lol I've decimated my reader list of late, as so many blog posts were sitting in Reader unread! Not because they weren't interesting or inspiring but because I'm being a little more precious with my time these days.

  3. Hoorah! What fabulously deserving bloggers! I love the Punky Awards. So much better than those stodgy red carpet affairs where few of my favorites actually win.
    Nice job!

  4. Awwww shucks Vic, you are all kinds of ace! Really all kinds. I love your blog because it is funny. It always makes me laugh, I think you make nice things and draw beautifully. I liek your photo's too.

    I have been asked to "review" some things that seriously I have replied, "have you actually read my blog?" things like: ugly fake diamond and gold costume jewellery, that would really only suit a drag queen, cheese stringers, that they tried to tell me were not processed- yeah right, and other bizarre things like ceiling lights and hair straighteners... just not relevant. I want to remain authnetic. I don't want my blog to become an advert.

    Thankis again for awarding me sweet Vic. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    I feel overwelmed again just looking at that picture of myself!!

  5. Congrats to everyone who received a Punky Award. I think many would agree that 'Punky & Me' deserves an award too :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  6. Oh my gosh - a Punky Award - it doesn't get much better - I'm not joking, either. I'm so amazingly thrilled to be in such lovely company - thankyou so much, Vic. You already know I think you're a gem - online and in real life. How wonderful would it be if we could all have dinner together one night - that would be a seriously fun chicks night out!

  7. P.S. Your blog is the glue that brings everything/everyone together, and is completely stand-alone and awesome in its own right. In other words, it's pretty darn excellent.

  8. Oh my goodness! I just arrived home after a magnificent day at the Finders Keepers market with a group of beautiful bloggy pals. I'm so damn happy that I'm part of this wonderful community.
    I nearly fell off my chair in shock looking at myself in full colour on my new 23 inch screen ha ha!
    Thankyou so much for the Golden Punk award. The reason that you visit all those blogs on the list is the same as why I do, and you should also be including yourself in that one!

  9. You can't have Cam, she's MY bestest friend ever! Heheh, dirty lieetl Milo secret! But we travel in good company, don't we? They're all a little bit fabulous!

  10. Holy crap there's me!
    Thank goodness I had my regrowth done.
    Thank you so much Ms Mama of Punk!
    To be honest, you might not be saying all those things about me if you had seen the state of my house...nevertheless I am accepting my golden punk award with both hands. Hooray!!
    And I think you and your blog and the community you gather is pretty darn awesome too.

  11. Loving this post!!! And I just thought I'd let you know your blog was the 2nd blog I ever read 2 years ago before I knew the wonderful land of blog ever existed! I love that you post about what ever you like, cos' thats what life is about. Keep up the good work!! x

  12. Clapping madly here. Five out of six of those I read regularly and are amongst my favourite blogs too :D

  13. Oh Vic, this is such a gorgeous and loving post. I think we are well and truly even for the Boris saga, as I'm bawling my eyes out. I love your blog because it's your blog, and well I love ya! and you are a true special person who is funny, blunt and honest. And you have great taste in all things vinatge. I know you always go on about how you aren't a good person but you are otherwise you wouldn't be so capable of writing such a wise and special post.
    Like Nic, I'm truly complimented to be included in such inspiring company.
    thank you so much, this really means a lot.

  14. oh my goodness, how absolutely wonderful are you Ms Vic. you.make.me.LAUGH!!

    thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    i love that I have met nearly every single blogger on your list & hope to meet you & Cath reallly soon, and I love, love LOVE them.

    i love that milo drinking gal, that gorgeous foxy lady, the sweetest teddybear herself, the amazing chooky & the ever so smiley & talented Nic!

    you're awesome and you know you are getting a massive squishy hug when I finally meet you ♥

  15. hi, what a cool blog post! I WILL visit these gals, as ifeel the same as you. i dont need to read about someone elses dramas :: i ve got my own and it only makes me feel worse about the world when i have to hear about some mama going on and on and on about the dangers of teaching your girls about princess stories blah blah blah. anywho . thanks for the links, several here whom i do not know. cheerio,, have a good weekend all !

  16. Wow the winners are all such worthy winners ! Fabulous stuff !
    I "know" all these girls and I know how thrilled they would be accepting a Punky !

  17. I am clueless to any 'issues' within the blogging community too so I guess I must only be reading the best blogs too! Hooray! Great list of Golden Winners!! Those I don't know I will make sure I do, those I do are my personal faves too, so big cheers for Kate, Cathie and Nic. Lovely post. x

  18. Milo is definitely NOT a dirty habit so that makes Miss Curly Pops quite perfect. I read all the blogs you awarded your award to and I have to agree that they all come across as nice people. Jess always makes my day when she comments on my blog, they are the kindest comments. I like blogs that are kind and friendly and freely give their thoughts and ideas. I don't mind promotion of any kind, I give it freely to friends or causes on my blog but never for money, just so long as it is not pushed in my face or tacked in huge swathes at the end of each post to make me feel like I've been had. I also think you should get a Golden Punk because I see you in the same light as I see these other bloggers. Cherrie

  19. Milo is definitely NOT a dirty habit (mu Mother always used the excuse that chocolate has iron and is an essential part of some people's diet!!) so that makes Miss Curly Pops quite perfect. I read all the blogs you gave your award to and I have to agree that they all come across as nice people. Jess always makes my day when she comments on my blog, they are the kindest comments. I like blogs that are kind and friendly and freely give their thoughts and ideas. I don't mind promotion of any kind, I give it freely to friends or causes on my blog but never for money, just so long as it is not pushed in my face or tacked in huge swathes at the end of each post to make me feel like I've been had. I also think you should get a Golden Punk because I see you in the same light as I see these other bloggers. Cherrie

  20. Fantastic choices!! You awaerded my favouritest gang of super-wonderful bloggers.

  21. ..and I'm with Ms Curlypops on the milo thing.

  22. I think your list was just superb! I have met Kate and she is just as lovely as on her blog, if not nicer. I agree, if you dont like what they post dont go back.

  23. a total list of my favourites too! except for one - and I'm off to visit and take in her good bloggieness.
    happy days. xx

  24. ahem. only because I don't know her! That was a bit confusing! I didn't want to seem rude!

    Okay I'm off to visit her now.

  25. that's fun Vic and also pretty fun reading the acceptance speeches!

  26. I just jumped over via the lovely m.e Cathie's blog. Some of these I know and adore, and others I am yet to know but will surely adore, so thanks for the point in the right direction.

  27. Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL post!!

    Vic, your warmth and loveliness shines through in this post.
    Your blog is an example of an great blog - friendly, personal, (oppy) stylish, authentic - you!

  28. Great bloggy choices Vic! I don't post much anywhere these days, I just don't find the time much anymore and it makes me a bit sad.

    I miss dropping in and commenting on some of these lovely blogs you give special mention too.

    ps: Oh tell your boy that my purple carrots continued to be crap. But the Topweight organge ones grew brilliantly fat and long, just as carrots should be. Woot!

  29. wonderful selections!
    very worthy of punkies, every single one!

  30. Wow - so wonderful to see these fabulous ladies all together! Their blogs are a joy to read, its like popping in for a cup of coffee when you need a pick me up. Checking in on each other, and nodding along to whats going on.

    Excellent post Vic!X

  31. Hah, You totally nailed it..What a great post and I couldn't agree more with ya :)

  32. what an excellent post and an excellent gaggle of girls!!



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