Think Positive.

Already it’s working! Yesterday, instead of telling myself that it’s too hard to organise both kiddos to do the rounds of the oppies, I just did it. And I am so glad I did!

We didn’t leave a single oppy empty handed & I am so happy – the few times I’ve been into oppies lately I haven’t found much at all, I thought perhaps my thrifting luck had finally run it’s course, but maybe I just didn’t have the right attitude…

Yesterday’s haul;


…I have been looking for a big basket for The Boy to collect his produce in for ages, this one will be perfect! Stuffed inside it;


A cute wee sewing box with the very same pineapple crochet hook I have etched into my memory from a traumatic “lesson”…


A little plate I’ll send Mum for Mother’s Day; 1982 would have been her first.



And an adorable vintage sleeping bag for Le Punk.

There was also a vase, & two brand new pairs of shoes THAT FIT. I only got one pair, came home & lamented the fact, remembered “no more procrastinating!” & rushed back down to get the second pair.

I also saw some preserved bread & snapped a pic for Jodie as her mum used to be a master varnished bread craftswoman (do pop over to Jodie’s & donate $5 to the tsunami appeal; you’ll be in the running to win an adorable softie made by the woman herself; I’m going to!)…


Last but not least when I was photographing my goodies Miss Punk wanted a photo of her finds too…


Hullo Oppy Mojo! Don’t leave me so long next time.


  1. Fantastic, what a great load of treasure! I can totally relate to your reasoning behind the procrastination, it really seems so daunting to venture out with more than one child..until you do it! Good for you, here's to many more successful ventures!

  2. Lurvly finds! Spread some oppy love ♥♥♥ :)!

  3. oh hooray Vic and nice score for your mum too.

  4. How perfect is that plate for your mum? That would make my spine tingle. My kids wouls steal...er, borrow Punk's chipmunks in a heartbeat.

  5. I want that pineapple crochet hook! Love that you got your op shop mojo back, your procrastination beating attitude is inspiring me to get off the laptop and do the same! Ta!

  6. oh wow, my mum has that plate - wonder if it is the same year!?
    and my kids would totally snaffle the chipmunks too

  7. It's not fair, just not fair I say!


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