This Week…

…buoyed by my procrastination elimination success, this week I am going to make more time for The Punk, starting with a trip to the play centre today.


It seems that time with Miss Punk, quality time where we draw or make something or just play whatever game she wants to play, comes last at the moment, & that’s just not right.


With Suspence finally sleeping better & more often, I should have had more time for Punky but alas I have just used it to breathe. Time to pull my socks up & have more fun with my beautiful big girl again.


What are you up to this week?


  1. I'm in! you never know what I might achieve :) Thanks for the incentive

  2. i'm hanging out with the little guy this week.

    hope you have a fun week ♥

  3. This week I'm waiting for an important phone call. I hate waiting for important phone calls.

    I would 'play along' properly but I've already used up my blogging energy for today. I'll try to join in next week!

  4. woohoo it worked - for me too. Im definitely joining in again this week. Off to think what needs to be on the to do list this week.

  5. here via cathie - what lovely pictures of your little punky. hope you have some fun at the play centre! i have no plans for the week but to enjoy the calm before the storm. we are about to move back to america from living on an island for almost two years.

  6. My intention is to get through the week without crying! (That's me not the kids)


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