Cool New Ways to Share.

(…or more ways to “spend” your time…)



Online inspiration boards for everything & anything you can imagine; craft tutes, recipes, home inspiration, toys, art…


Etsy Circles.


Find things you never knew existed, that you wanted or that you have been waiting your whole life to find, thanks to your friends with fabulously good taste.



  1. Vic, seriously how you do this to me, it's not like I don't spend way too much time on here already (says she with the iPad in bed at 5am!). Bub finally back to sleep now but I am coming back later to check this out lol.
    Gesh, how do u back space on iPad to make typo corrections without deleting????? That shud have read "how can u do this to me"

  2. It is very cool and I applied to join and I got accepted and then it seemed that you have to be on facebook to join. Still resisting on that one so just focussing on the time saved...till I cave.

  3. i'm so in love with pinterest. so much goodness to drool over.


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