This week I’m grateful for…

…some time with my big Punk. Punky has been so awesome since Suspence arrived – helpful, sweet & not at all jealous, but she has had to put up with a lot less attention, fewer trips to the park, a baby crying… not much of a deal, eh? It has become a very rare occasion that sees Punky & I alone, so when The Boy suggested taking her out for a treat I was so excited.




After our morning tea (the pink pig was a fail; she would not be persuaded to have a cupcake, because the pig was PINK, but I knew she wouldn’t like it…), we got back in the car & I said “What would you like to do now? We can go anywhere you like?” & you know what she said, this daughter of mine?


I’m also grateful for the amazing bond that my big girl & my big boy have; The Boy took her to the zoo & I was invited yet discouraged to come along – It was really a Punk & Dad day thing, so I left them to it. They saw Hippos, Zebras, Giraffes, & with some Daddy-input, Punk recounted “Bloody chickens! And a big stinky Rhinoceros poo!”


More ‘gratefuls’ here.


  1. Thwaites! gotta try the vanilla slice there - yum yum.

    Glad Punky shares your love of the op shop :)

  2. Of course Punky wanted to go to the op shop? she is the fruit of your loins after all.

  3. Gee Punk's a special kid, not getting jealous and being such a good sport. Gets it from her mum I think.
    SO gorgeous you and her had some girl time , and that also she and her dad get on so well.
    Love that she said OPSHOP!! xo

  4. Oh our special first borns, aren't they amazing??!! My guys never had sibling rivalry or jealousy, people don't believe me but really they are such great mates now, lead by our high schooler. She has more issues being the daughter & not the mum than just being a sister. Love Posie

  5. Fab photos, Vic.

    Op-shopping, sweet (rejected) treats and time alone with Mum... perfect outing! It's wonderful that you had this time together. And I'm very happy you joined in with Grateful today! x

  6. Opshop. Love that! That first photo is an absolute keeper. Gorgeous.

  7. Sounds like a very spesh trip with the Punk. Miss M and I head out one on one at times because I spend so much time with Mr E. It's very great when the kidlets get on well. Sounds like Punk love Suspense. Cheers to you and your awesome little family.

  8. My heart melts plus I laughed out loud ... you're a very, very special pair ♥♥

  9. i hope when I have a daughter she WANTS to go to the op shop too!

  10. what a great lil Punk you have there AND she LOVE opshops!! bonus!
    Aidan & I go opping all the time now that Amelie is at school & he always finds things for her & says "maybe Amie would like this", I just love it.

    how funny is that ginormous pink sweeeeet pig!


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