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Late night drawing. Again. I have been drawing heaps lately & enjoying it immensely. I am thinking about offering up some completed illustrations on etsy or madeit… but knowing me, thinking about it may very well be as far as I ever get, although it would be nice to have some pocket money.

Last night I was home alone, bored & ready to draw so I asked on Twitter (I gave it another whirl & it seems third time is a charm) for some inspiration, Cam & Brianna were happy to oblige with the suggestions “A chook!” & “Gingerbread men & ladies” respectively.

Well the chicken is straight forward enough…

But the first time I read Brianna’s suggestion I saw “Gingerbread MAN & ladies”…

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  1. A colouring book!!

  2. oh i do SO love those gingerbread pimps and hos. i had a right chuckle when you posted them to twitter last night :D

    oh and i wholeheartedly agree with kate! a colouring book is definitely needed!

  3. Yep. I have to agree with Kate and Nicole, your style of illustration would be so much fun to colour. In fact, its a little of the track but I think they'd be fun to colour in photoshop! Is that a thing? Selling a pdf colouring book for grown ups to colour on the computer?!

    The chook has a funky quality about and the gingerbread man and his ladies is fantastic! Would love to see more of your illustrations!

  4. ahahahaha! so funny! I love the expressions of the gingerbread people! yes, it really screams 'color me!' go for it!

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  6. FOrgive me Vic, but this is so embarrassing, I wrote a wrong comment on your post, I have heaps of windows opened up and I got confused. ( hence the deleted comment)
    Oh dear.
    Starting again, get your arse into gear girl and get on Etsy. your drawings are AMAZING!! XO

  7. Cool chook....you and the drawing!

  8. go for it Vic, amazing drawings!! two of my favourite things chooks & gingerbread..maybe not the ho's ;)
    you are a cool chicky ♥

  9. i published too soon...LOVE the epression of the pimp & hos!

  10. These are great, I agree with most of the others, a colouring book would be awesome!

  11. Perhaps the inspiration you were seeking has found you - the colouring book concept is awesome. Just do it!

  12. Oh this made me laugh so much Vic. That Gingerbread man is classic! I particularly love the outfits. You are one talented lady!
    Sophie x

  13. You just have to make prints of your robots and open up a shop!
    Can't wait to play with Mr Chook!

  14. Pimp'n Ginger is so cool. Ditto to all above remarks
    Too funny.

  15. Yes, yes, yes - a colouring book! Downloadable format - that would be so fab!

  16. I love my Gingerpimp and ladies! Can't wait to play with them in Photoshop today. Think the colouring book is a fantastic idea.


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