Tutu cute!

So much can change between posts I'm afraid... I should, right now, be enjoying a spin on my new ALDI overlocker, but, alas, it was not to be.

Not only do I not have the spare $199 to buy it but negative reviews of the machine in question had me rethinking... even if I could afford it.

I went to my local sewing machine shop instead & enquired about layby, the lovely lady told me to hold off for the Mothers Day catalogue if I could so that is what I am going to do. I'm going to put $20 aside every week as if I had an overlocker on layby already & put that down as a deposit if there is some great machine on super duper special.

Other than that, I have made Punky a tutu... just because. You will note that poor Miss P has a black eye, the result of a nasty incident with a metal door mat... :(

I made the tutu with strips of netting knotted over some elastic, I like the look but not the fit (it's all stiff because of the knots & feels uncomfortable as they sit right on the waist.) so I am going to see what I can wrangle with a bit of tweaking & perhaps some sewing.... stay tuned! If I can work something out I just might share my very first tute.

Yesterday I attended a training day for a sustainability workshop I've volunteered for, it was interesting & fun & I really enjoyed it. We had a delicious lunch & got eco-freebies... woot!

We also tried a new playgroup this week, I don't know why I didn't like the last one we went to, but I didn't. This one was very different, it's a multicultural group with mostly refugee families, everyone was incredibly nice & Punky had a great time running around with the older kids.

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