...so tired...

*yawn* Just a super duper short post as I've not yet found a magic energy elixir - The fam & I just got back from a short sojourn to the coast, it was lovely but oh-so-tiring. I couldn't even tell you what time Punky ended up going to sleep last night *yawn again* but I do know it was laaaaaaate. Like maybe 1.30am late.

First there was the hysterical crying, she was truly inconsolable, then came a very brief nap, followed by over-tired hyperactivity.... oh it was joyous.

I had a full on bawl about the bushfire victims this morning, probably because I had very very little sleep. The personal stories are filtering through in the media now & they are just bringing the harsh reality home for me. The whole things is absolutely devastating.

I am sure everybody knows by now about the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal (
Click here if you haven't & would like to donate) & have given generously, but people interested in handmade goodies can also check out http://handmadehelpsout.blogspot.com/ where lots of big hearted people are doing their handmade bit to help out.

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