A Very Pleasant Sunday.

Punky & I had a gorgeous day today, caught the bus to some markets 15 minutes away & pottered around the little town for a couple of hours. The op shop was open which was surprising for a Sunday - but I'm not going to complain! I bought a lovely bag & book on growing veggies while The Punk was so enamoured with a pink ball that the sweet shop assistant gave it to her.

From the markets we got some yummy soap & a shampoo bar & afterwards we played in the park.

It was such a great day for us - in stark contrast to hundreds of families around Victoria today. I feel almost guilty to have enjoyed the day with my daughter while so many people have lost everything they've worked for or even their lives. I have tears in my eyes just typing this.... 700 homes lost & over 65 people already confirmed dead.
My thoughts are with everyone touched by this horrible disaster & my heart goes out to each & every one of you.

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