Without furthur ado....

....on with the first post. Better to get it over & done with I think. I have been putting off starting a blog for a few reasons, one of which was definitely the question "Why?"; I wondered who would I be writing for, what purpose would spending even more of my time on the computer actually fill & what, exactly did I hope to achieve by writing things online that I don't actually bother to write about in a diary... or anywhere?

The answer is Punky. I'm going to write this for my little girl, my darling baby, the best thing that ever happened to me & the little person who makes each & every day so bright. Even if blogs are incredibly passe by the time she is old enough to read one, I want her to be able to, if she would like, read about the days we spent together & what they meant to me. I want her to read about how I sewed things for her. I want her to read the recipes that she ate when she was little & how she inspired me to live a better life for her & with her. I want her to read about my starting out in growing our own food & hopefully read about our successes. I want her to remember the photos I took & realise why I took them. I want her to be able to appreciate her babyhood & childhood, just as much as I am.

So, my darling, this is for & to you. I love you more than inadequate words typed in a humble blog can say.


  1. Hey Vic, WOW.. i admire those who have the ability to write down what they are feeling!!(i am not one.. i find it difficult :( )You have captured all that i feel for my little Chrissie too! i can't wait to read more about your adventures with Punky! xxx


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