My own online stall....?

Since I started making things for Punky I have always had the idea that one day I might open an Etsy or Madeit store & see if anybody would actually like to buy something I've made (Imagine!).

I have yet to get around to it however, hardly suprising given my attention span & wont of starting new projects as often as I blink, however;

I may actually be getting my act together.

Yesterday I stumbled upon the Simple Living Flea Market, while stooging around ALS & I emailed the lovely owner straight away, something that surprised even me. I was compelled to contact her about a stall, everything about the site appealed to me, especially the phrase "...favouring the planet over profit..".

I hobbled together a logo for my stall this morning & am planning on breaking out the sewing machine a little later.... oooooooooh!

Also, it's The Boy's birthday today, have made him a cheesecake that I shall not be partaking in, but cheesecake is his favourite & it's pretty much all he's getting today - he got a subscription to Diggers club too but I could hardly wrap that.

Poor little Punk has a cold, she's being a trooper about it though, my little soldier!

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