Yesterday I was very excited to learn that I won the competition I entered on Crafty Mamas, '..make treasure from trash'.

I have only ever won drawing competitions, and none of those since leaving school, so winning something with my sewing, still being such a novice, is awesome!!

I'll be receiving a $25 fishpond.com.au voucher which will come in handy as I'm looking to buy a pattern drafting book that is a bit out of my price range at the moment (IE: it isn't free...!).

My entry was a bathrobe I made for Le Punk out of a couple of old threadbare towels & a couple of cloth nappies. Apart from the morning when I took these photos, it's been too hot here for her to wear it!!

It was so fun to make, I didn't use a pattern or measure anything, I totally winged the whole thing from start to finish, I just had the general idea of the shape from an old book. I added the flowers over my mending when I noticed that the towels were even more dodgy than I realised & there would soon be holes in Punky's new robe!! I wish I had the knack for sewing more things straight off the cuff, it was so liberating to just cut & sew & sew & sew without having to worry "..am I doing this right?"; I figured if it didn't turn out, in the end, it was only a couple of old towels.

I have to add that Amanda did a fantastic job with her entry too - how she managed to sew with plastic bags I have no idea!!

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  1. Your bath robe creation was absolutely devine! Congratulations on winning ;-) It was definately a creation worthy of winning!!

    PS the plastic bags, you fuse together with a hot iron (baking paper between the iron and the bags though or you will melt the plastic to the iron). Which makes the plastic thick and easy to sew with - if you do try it one day you will be amazed at how easy it is to sew with.


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