The Op Shop Rock!

An unexpected trip down the street this morning (we were headed for playgroup, but it turned out not to be on...) saw us score some bargains at a 1/2 price oppy sale, as if op shops weren't already cheap enough....
I'm sure we looked a sight; me pushing Punky's pram along with one hand, while wrestling with a massive wooden blackboard in the other. Punky clutching her new doll that was pretty much the same size as her... but hey, at least it wasn't as ridiculously hot as it has been.
So, for the princely sum of $5.75 we got the previously mentioned blackboard & ice-cream doll such as I have fond memories of from my childhood, a Fischer-price play mat (I couldn't resist it, it has a veggie garden in one corner!!), several pieces of material including a very funky paisley number & 2 great screw-top glass jars for that time in the future when I start to pickle & stew things... ;)

On Wednesday I also scored many bargains, I was Punk-less on the way to do the grocery shop so I took my time rummaging around in the books, something I normally can't do with Miss P demolishing all the shelves in sight. I found some GREAT craft books, a golden hands book on making toys, an Enid book for making babies clothes, a book on drafting & adapting patterns & a big thick book with a myriad of gift ideas, that has me longing for a jigsaw (and the knowledge to use one.). Also, more fabric!!

I'm hoping that my fantastic fabric finds will help motivate me to sew; I haven't sewn in a week... maybe even a week & a half... my sewing machine is in the back room, the "sun" room - also known as the "obviously hobbled together in an afternoon from pieces of crud that happened to be laying about, the more heat conducting the better, for occupant frying purposes" room & well... it's just been too bloody hot to go out there, let alone sit & sew.

My last attempt in the cool of early morning (probably 35 degrees already), a pair of PJ pants for myself from a cute op shop sheet with little girls printed on it, had me sweltering & hallucinating about an oasis in the middle of the room, so I thought I'd give the sewing a break until it was cooler & concentrate on lying in Punky's paddle pool while she climbed in & out of it & lying under the ceiling fans in the lounge room, alternating periodically, you know, just to keep the spice in our days.

Problem is... now it's cooler I seem to have lost my sewing mojo. I avert my eyes as I pass my sewing machine lest it realise that I am actively avoiding it & not just busy... doing, you know... stuff. I have maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany things on my 'to do' list, or I would have, if I bothered to write such a list. Cute little perfect-for-the-punk vintage flares patterns that I bought on Ebay, a gorgeous little play set from a pattern generously sent to me by Gilly via the Crafty Mamas forum, more PJ pants for Moi, presents for peeps that I've been meaning to make for ages..... but I just can't seem to make a start...!

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