I have been thinking about doing away with this blog already. Would that be some sort of record I wonder? It just seems so insignificant & dare I say it, self indulgent, in light of the terrible tragedies that seem to just keep happening.

As of this evening I am undecided. I have enjoyed the brief time I have been blogging & know that if I stop I won't start again, ever.

It doesn't help that I've still made bugger all... plenty of ideas but still no motivation... unless...

In lu of Crafty Mamas which is down at the moment I stopped by Craftster today & saw the Feb challenge, "Craft your favourite song". I immediately had a couple of ideas & if I can get myself motivated it will be my first Craftster challenge.

So what have I been doing if not cutting, pinning, sewing? Shopping, actually. I've put a bicycle on lay by & yesterday bought a bike trailer from eBay for towing Miss Punk grandly around town like royalty. I'm madly looking forward to getting both of them, unfortunately though, I keep putting off going down the street now... I think to myself "...oh it would be so much easier with the bike...!" - Right, that's true, but I don't actually have it yet, do I?

Here is a picture of the cool contraption;

Nice, no?

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  1. You mustn't give up, not just yet anyway. It does feel a little self-indulgent at first but once you get over that it's just a great way to record your craft and other bits and pieces and to come into contact with crafty types.

    I'm glad you mentioned the lack of CM's. I thought it was just me!!

    Take your time with the ove colour choice. I will say that the hot pink is just lovel and so, so hot! There's a gorgeous blue as well but all the colours of the drill I use are bright and strong and vibrant.


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