I'm so EXCITED!!

Oh I am SO HAPPY to be able to say that Punky is back in cloth!!! Yeah baby!!

We've been having MAJOR nappy rash "ishoos", as in, it seemed almost the second I put a cloth nappy on her she would get a red butt... :( Rather than have her uncomfy, or worse, in pain, I had to resort to 'spossies but I didn't give up on finding a way around the problem... how could I? Cloth nappies are not only better for the environment but an entire stash can be bloody expensive, I couldn't have my gorgeous MCN precious' going to waste!!

I was at my wits end trying to figure out what was wrong... we hadn't changed washing powder & she'd been in the same nappies for ages without a problem.

Things I tried that DIDN'T work;

Fleece liners
Disposable liners
Washing with new detergent
Washing with no detergent
Washing with soap nuts
Applying cream with every change (bottom balm, bepanthen & various other lotions & potions...)

Finally a lovely lady on bellybelly recommended I try more natural liners as they had worked for her, almost immediately I rushed on over to Nappies Covered to get me some bamboo velour & raw silk action. The bamboo is for general use & the silk is for when there is irritation, it is apparently great for clearing up nappy rash.

So, I got the material on Friday & washed it, cut out the liners last night & today we're 2 nappies in without a hint of red!!!

It is so, so, so great to have Punky back in cloth!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone that has suggested solutions to our horrid cloth issues & who extended their commiserations on having to buy 'spossies.....!

Also, congrats to the gorgeous Maz of Maz-a-licious MCN Covers for her successful stocking last night at WAHMNaps, she has generously pledged to donate 10% of her sales to the Bushfire appeal & raised over $130 almost immediately - yay Maz... YOU ROCK!

I wanted this lovely but unfortunately Punky is to giant for a petite little medium these days...

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