Getting started in the garden.

We recently moved to a country town from the city & the house we are currently renting has an ENORMOUS yard - complete with a few lemon trees, olive trees, an apricot tree and a... well... I don't know what it is... I think it's a 'shade house'? Is there such a thing? I'd call it a greenhouse except for the fact that it isn't any warmer in there than outside & the rain can get through the cloth on the roof.

While we were in the city The Boy had started growing a few tomatoes in pots but they were done away with in the move so we're starting again from scratch... why couldn't we have moved in Spring!! I am desperate to plant all sorts of things but am restricted to sowing some boring old winter crops... I say "crops" but I don't know if that is the right word for a few styrofoam boxes filled with potting mix.

These are the "...almost before" photos, as some things have already started to sprout. I think the heatwave we had really helped the seeds to germinate in record time, I just had to make sure I kept the water up to them. I only put the boxes into the shade house a couple of days ago, I was scared of all the spiders & creepy crawlies that I imagined were in there (turns out, actually, that I wasn't just imagining it... *shiver*) but as Punky was wanting to play in the dirt everytime we went out to water, I had to put them up out of her reach anyway.
I keep daydreaming about the day when we have our own little house & yard, it's going to be fence to fence food I tell you!! Until then however I'm going to really try & make the best of what we can do here. I love checking on the progress of my seedlings each morning & Punky loves running around outside & playing in the dog's water.... I want growing food & knowing exactly where it comes from to be a part of her life & hopefully, eventually, come naturally to her, so that she has the knowledge & enthusiasm to sustain herself & her family. That is a gift I wish I had recieved & we all know we want everything for our children that we didn't have ourselves, whether that is a fancy dollhouse with working light fixtures (ah, to dream!) or a healthy connection with our earth.


  1. Um, hello....I'm jealous of your shade thingemy, it's so BIG!!

  2. I know! Unfortunately it's size is also an indicator of the size of the spiders within... I swear there was one on the ceiling the other morning that could eat a small child... *shiver*


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