Usually, I hate "people", but not today....!

No, because today, people have made my day. My week, hell, my month & perhaps my year.... some lovely person, unknown to moi, upgraded little ol' me to platinum membership on bellybelly.
I could not believe it when I saw it this morning, got teary & crazy happy all at once. When I first heard that there would be Random Acts of Kindness like this, I was 150% sure that I wouldn't be a recipient... I just knew there were so many more deserving BB members than I. I am still in shock, it really is amazing how an anonymous act of kindness can make such an impact on someone. I wish I knew who it was so that I could thank them, but at the same time, not knowing is a cool feeling too - wondering who it could be & why they picked you to bestow their kindness on...

Whoever it was, I hope they know how grateful I am & how happy & dare I say it, loved, they've made me feel. Every single BB girl I have come across is a beautiful person so I can honestly say that even without knowing who it was, they are one gorgeous lady.


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