Pink Fig Olivia Shirt.

I was very happy to receive a Crafty Mamas parcel yesterday which held 2 Pink Fig patterns, a hat pattern & some purty FOE.

I made this today;

The Olivia shirt.

Unfortunately, I am very underwhelmed by how it turned out. I don't think I like it at all. It was very easy & straight forward to put together & I like the fabric combo, but it's just so... puffy.

It puts me in mind of Seinfeld's infamous "puffy shirt" episode. I am going to try some tweaks, maybe the shorter sleeved version without the chest shirring would be okay, more smock top than pirate wench attire, hopefully.

On the shirring, when I first had a go at shirring I just did it how I thought one would do it & it turned out well, that was, I sort of sewed in a continual downward spiral. This pattern told me, I assume, the "proper" way to do it, which is in rows leaving enough either side to tie it together with a few knots. I tried it that way first, for the neck, but went back to my instinctive way of doing it for the rest, I think it turned out tighter as well as being soooo much easier, and quicker.

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