A Wee Break.

Hullo my lovelies, just a quick note to say I’m having one of my what seems to have become somewhat regular blog sabbaticals.

I had a fabulous time in Sydney & couldn’t wait to get back to tell you all about it, but I was blindsided by R U OK day today. A great cause, a great idea, a great concept… but something too raw for me to deal with right now. I can’t bring myself to talk about why & at the same time I can’t talk about something else, so I’m just not going to talk at all.

On top of that, I think I have been putting too much importance on blogging. In the grand scheme of things, it is barely a blip on the radar, but it has been taking up too much of my time & thought; not an obsessive amount, just more than I think it should. For example, I ate all sorts of things while I was away, for all sorts of reasons, but I felt a bit guilty because I had grandly declared the whole vego thing here…. pure stupidity, I know. I was also having so much fun that I hardly took any pictures – again feeling fleetingly guilty… crazy town.

You don’t need to write & tell me “It’s your blog, do what you want” or “Don’t feel guilty”, I already know that, which is why I won’t feel guilty about going awol for a bit, including from blog reading; the blog world will keep on turning & everything will still be here when I return; plus there’s always twitter – leaving that now would require some SERIOUS will & perhaps some sort of intervention.

Later peeps, perhaps for Blogtoberfest?


  1. have fun on your holiday...blogging shouldn't be a chore. :) x

  2. Take care sweet and enjoy your break. xo

  3. Hey gorgeous girl.
    thinking of you, and hoping you are ok?
    and needless to say, I am always here for you if you need to talk or anything . lots of love to you xoox
    PS I'll miss you

  4. Enjoy the break and process what you need to process.

  5. Hope you're OK, Vic xo
    (I guess I'd better try hanging out more on twitter now!!)

  6. Will miss you and your posts but sometimes we really do need to step back from things. Have a nice break, hope you are doing OK. x

  7. I hope you ARE ok! Take care of yourself and enjoy your break.

    Katie x

  8. According to Blogger I'm catching up with blog reading for the first time in five days. And I still haven't done a post about the gorgeous quilt my mum made for Jack's birthday. I just can't motivate myself to do it at the moment!

  9. As long as you come back eventually.


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