Pink is for girls.

Punk is big on the colour “rules”, which is a shame because she looks really cute in blue but would choose any shade of pink over it every day of the week.


It’s also a shame because I made a pink, red & white wreath for her door & wanted to make one for Suspence in Red, yellow & grey, but I was told in no uncertain terms that “Blue is for boys, it has to have blue on it”.



Lucky I like it.

I was trying to make My Poppet’s pom pom wreath two nights ago but I got sick to death of making pom poms (You need A LOT!), so I took a break to make the cardboard circle to attach the pom poms to. Once it was cut out I decided I might wrap it in yarn so that I could sew the pom poms on, but once I started with that I decided to make something different altogether.


If you’d like to make one (or two, or more) it’s super easy:

  • Trace around a large plate on some cardboard for the outside of your wreath & trace around a smaller one in the middle for the hole – cut out.
  • Tie your first colour of yarn tightly around the wreath & start wrapping clockwise, covering the knot you made & the tail of the yarn as you go. Keep the yarn tight by pulling it firmly & scooting it back tightly together with your thumb.
  • When changing colours, just tie a knot & wrap over it, try to pull the knot to the back of the wreath.
  • Finish the wrapping by hooking the yarn through a couple of strands of yarn at the back where you started from & tying a knot.
  • Crochet three small circles from your three different yarns & chain up three different lengths to attach them to the wreath, sew buttons in the centre of the circles. Attach by sewing the tail of the crochet chain through the yarn at the back, attach a length of yarn horizontally at the top of the wreath at the back for hanging & voila!


  1. Oops! Commented as Huz... Lets have another go... These look great, Vic! I loved the look of the pom pom ones too, but I'd need a good few months to make all those pom poms! I'm all for quick, effective craft :)

  2. The grey , blue and yellow combination works brilliantly.

  3. THe both look super Vic.
    And I totally know what you mean about pom poms.
    When the swans were in the finals, i had this Myrtle and Eunice-esque idea of covering the from on my house and fence in red and white pom poms. ONly to discover after 4, i was sick of making them already.

  4. You're the absolute best Vic they look excellent ... I can relate to Punkly's passion for pink, despite being way up the other end of the age scale I adore pink too ;)

  5. They are gorgeous! You always come up with the cutest things!

    Oh, and I think you mean waaa-laaa ;)

  6. Looks amazing! Just wish I could crochet though.. I love the none traditional colours used.

  7. Another great idea Vic!
    The colours go great together!!xx

  8. What a wonderful idea. I think I'd pick the boy wreath myself. I LOVE mustard and navy together.

  9. Love it Vic - I desperately need to make a wreath but I've totally run out of time for the pom poms.... this looks perfect for me!

  10. These wreaths are awesome!!

  11. Wonderful. I'm with you on the pom pom front. I made one a couple of years ago and it took way too long. I was very bored by the end. Your solution is much better!

  12. Gorgeous Vic. The pink and red one is just adorable. I think I will have to have a go at this soon especially now I know how to crochet ;)

  13. Do you sleep? just joking but i am amazed with all the wonderful things you create,thanks for sharing!

  14. OH I love these...And the colors are adorbs...Great job!!

  15. Oh, these are so cute! I was going to hang pompoms off my yarny wreath too, but decided I couldn't be bothered. Ha! Love your colour combinations :)

    Katie x

  16. So cool! I love it you clever lady!

  17. Just blogged your wreaths over here http://selinasvintage.blogspot.com/2011/12/advent-blog-long-16.html

    hope that's ok!



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