A Quick Ornament.

This is the little ornament I made for our Brown Owls Kris Kringle on Wednesday, it’s just a teeny embroidery using the smallest embroidery loop with some thread tied around the screw to hang it; quick, easy & effective. You know that’s how I like it.

OWL bauble


Back tomorrow to share some more Christmas goodness around here for the last day of the My Place & Yours Christmas Party! You’ve still time to join in if you’d like!


  1. I agree, very cute. Christmas trees are going up and all the other bits and pieces scattered around the house today. Maybe that will get me in the mood for Christmas?

  2. Lovely miss vic ! Simple but oh so very cute x

  3. Those hoops are really only good for decoration. They drive me crazy with their crappiness! What a very cute decoration it is!

  4. Genius!! I adore this and am going to copy your idea for some last minute gifts :). What a perfectly fun and easy project.

  5. Just the way I like it too. This is perfect!


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