The Game of Life.

Some oppy finds of late;

brownie flash II

A Box Brownie – I’ve admired these in Kelly’s photos & knew it would be mine the moment I saw it on the shelf in a rather dull oppy while we were on holidays.


A daggy little Viking – another holiday purchase.

flower hanging


Some more things for my wall, that I actually got around to hanging up.


And last but not least… The Game of Life.

the game of life box

I LOVED this game when I was little, more than Monopoly, more than Trouble, more than anything, so to find this old version in fabulous condition almost brought a tear to my eye.

the game of life spinner

the game of life rules

the game of life money

My favourite purchase in a long while, and only $2!

More finds here.


  1. We had the game of Life when I was a kid too, I'd forgotten all about it. Love your wall art!

  2. Nothing better than a childhood nostalgia inducing oppy find. and the viking is an absolute crack up x

  3. oh wow! your oppy finds totally ROCK!

  4. Lovely finds you have there.My daughter has several Box Brownies, there is one like the one you have in the collection.

  5. That's so funny, we both did similar kinds of posts this week! Some friends and i are working on making a life sized board of THe Game of Life...

  6. The game of life!!! yay! I loved that too! never had it though, my cousins did, I used to love going there and playing it!

  7. The minute I saw it I was drooling. What a great find! I'm very jealous.

    And I loved the game of life too!

  8. I loved the game of life when I was a kid - especially the cliffs and the spinner dials!

  9. Great finds! I especially love the camera.

    We still play Life all the time! It's one of our favorites.

  10. Hope you've played a round of Life already! It's a great game!!

  11. My sister and I would play Life for hours! Thanks for the reminder, I had forgotten about it. I think I will search for one for my kids to play.

  12. oooo i love that game of life! i'm on the lookout for a version as well!


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