I hope you all know by now that green is the new black; it’s probably easier these days to recite a list of friends who aren’t growing something edible in their yard or on their balcony than a list of those who are, & I think that is just so great.


We’re getting back to the natural of order of things, connecting with the earth & where our food really comes from.


This is our potato harvest. It’s about 20 kilos… I think I’ll be rationing the spuds from here on in…!


Another thing that’s growing almost all on it’s own is my wall display of random thrifted goodness. I didn’t intend for it to get any bigger when I started with two frames & two plates, but it’s happening anyway.


I found this wonderful little guy fishing yesterday for $1 at the one opshop that was open. From the frame & the picture all I can deduct is “old”; any idea of the era, vintage expert types?

I wonder what the next addition will be…


  1. love, love, love it! We have harvested a few potatoes too - our vegie garden has gotten off to a slow start at this new simple home, but my little potted kitchen garden is taking off and not getting eaten by wombats!

    Love the thrifted wall goodness - gorgeous! xx I'm mixing up a wall with the kids art and looms - maybe some thrifted treasures would top it off! xx Rach

  2. I love your harvest. Chef is growing lots this year which is good, and Busy is getting into it too. They do love getting their hands dirty.

    I have a wall like that - started with a painting and now it has grown and keeps growing up the hallway...
    he looks a little noddy like don't you think...??

  3. clever you growing all those potatoes! How will you get through 20kg?!! Love the girl in the purple dress - very sweet!

  4. Oh man! I have 2 other pictures featuring that character!! There must be a whole series of them! I always thought they were pinocchio. I can not believe you found one!
    I have my first potatoes growing right now but the poor things were ravaged by the xmas hail. I hope they survive!

  5. Those potatoes look brilliant Vic! Its great that you can leave them in the ground for a while till you need them.
    We miss having that in the garden for sure! Miss having my Grandad for advice with what to do too!XXJ

  6. Wow all those potatoes, what a great harvest.
    I know its a bummer with so many op-shops closed between Christmas/ new year, I've only been to one all week.
    Your gallery wall display looks lovely. x

  7. oooh man I'm a little jealous of those potatoes, I bet they taste amazing too right? I have a ton of herbs, and tomatoes on my little balcony right now, hoping to add more things soon!

  8. What a haul! I dug ours up a few days ago, not nearly as many, but they grew by themselves out of an old compost pile, so they're a bonus really. We had the best roast potatoes a couple of nights ago, and ate them the next day too, which is even better. Do you think it's too hot for soup? Love leek & potato...

  9. I did my own this year, too! Must be something in the air. Or ground?

  10. Those potatoes are impressive. We are just about to plant some herbs and tomatoes to get us back into gardening.

    Love your gorgeous wall of thrifted goodness. I've been thinking about hanging some of my plate collection up too.


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