C’mon Internet.

So a lovely reader has emailed me to say that she has two different prints of my little fishing guy; and we desperately want to know now who he is, how many different prints there are & who the artist is… so if you have any idea, please comment!




Have you ever seen any of these before? You know I’m not one to get you to jump through hoops normally, but a re-tweet or seven won’t go astray…


  1. hello, I've never seen these prints or this character before, but he does look like a very early version of Noddy, by Enid Blyton?

  2. I'll ask my English mother-in-law to take a look and see if she recognises him.

  3. I always thought it was a grown up pinocchio. His ladyfriend is more humanlike then him, he looks kinda gnomey.

    I hope someone knows!

  4. I think Noddy too. Didn't he have a dig named Bumpy dog? Maybe they are stills from one of the tv shows in the 50s or 60s.

  5. I immediately thought early version of Noddy too..but not sure..hmm challenge is on?

  6. I think it's noddy-I remember my grandma having something like that when I was little if only I could ask her - I will see if anyone remembers. They ate gorgeous I would love one so classic

  7. I don't think he is noddy. Noddy has a bell on his hat and a quick google image search has old timey noddys still with bells.

    By the way, sorry about the total terribleness of my photos! They were taken with my phone while I was wrestling the cat!

  8. I would say Noddy....I visited Noddy Land as a child and he looked just like this :)

  9. Hmm. He's definitely made in Noddy's image if he isn't Noddy - blue pointed hat, tuft of brown hair at the front, rosy cheeks, red coat, yellow trousers. What's interesting is that he appears to be wearing lederhosen, which makes me wonder if he might have been the German Noddy? I will ask my German friends to take a look...


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