Handmade, just not by me.

I knew I wouldn’t get around to making anybody any gifts this Christmas but instead of feeling bad about it I just bought a few things instead; I found all this except for the dino-teddy on Etsy & have re-discovered my love for it. Yeah I like Regretsy, but it has been clouding my perception of what really is a showcase of great artistic & creative talent. Please excuse the clipped pictures, I only thought to take photos when I was upstairs wrapping & there isn’t a whole lot of room up there at the moment!


I have to start with the dino-teddy. I found him at the oppy last week when it was just Spence & I & Spence loved him at first sight. He’s brand new; there were a lot of knitted toys altogether, I think perhaps one of the volunteers made them especially for Christmas. He’s so cute & weird, I am happy for him to be Spency’s Christmas present from Mama.


This brooch is for my Gran, also known here as the brooch addict. She gave me two old hairclips yesterday that have little coloured stones inlaid, when she handed them over I said, “It’s a wonder you’re not turning these into a brooch” & she admitted she had considered it.


An apron, oven mitt & chef’s hat for Punk – something I did briefly consider making but then I saw this set & it was perfect.


And finally Punk’s Christmas dress. Inadvertently Punk’s Christmas outfits for the last 3 years have been handmade… I think that makes it a tradition.

Now I better get out of here… we’re off to see Santa!


  1. Dino teddy is just perfect and that dress, oh it makes me wish my girl was little again!

  2. Love the christmassy header and such a gorgeous dress. Also noticed the "pin it" button under post. How did you do it? Found where it is in pinterest but that's all....

  3. They are perfect gifts that I am sure will be well received :)

  4. Great picks, Vic ;) You take better photos of my creations than I do! Love the dino-bear, doesn't look like the big corporations are making any money out of you, whoohoo!

  5. I love the dino teddy! He would have been my favourite toy as a kid. The Christmas dress for Punk is gorgeous too. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

  6. that has to be THE most perfect handmade christmassy appley dress.

    rachel xoxo

  7. Dino Teddy?! Genius. What a great find.

    It looks like you scored some wonderful gifties!

  8. So many handmade good things! I love that gorgeous dress, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! x

  9. oh gorgeous! what lovely and thoughtful gifts! love that little dress :)

    say hi to santa for me!

    Kel x

  10. That teddy is so cute. Your choices for your daughter are great, especially that little apple dress. It would be a bit chilly to wear that here in Wisconsin, we'd probably have to put some long underwear underneath it. : > )


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