It’s a wrap.

I can’t say I’ve bothered too much with wrapping my Christmas presents in the past;

  • Tacky Christmas paper? CHECK.
  • Sticky tape? CHECK.
  • $2 silver ribbon & some scissors to curl it with? CHECK.

Wrapping is my least favourite part of Christmas, it’s too much like a chore usually, since I tend to leave it to the last minute & have a whole evening of of mashing things into crumpled paper & lathering on tape ahead of me on Christmas eve, but I’ve been making the tiniest of efforts this year, both on the gift presentation front & trying to get the bulk of the wrapping out of the way before it’s too late & I just want to go to bed.

My “effort” consists of wrapping in either tacky Christmas paper with a contrasting band of kraft paper, or wrapping in kraft paper with a contrasting band of tacky Christmas paper.


Revolutionary stuff.

I was going to make some Christmas tags but I found a pack of paper doilies & thought they’d look cute instead… then I just started adding random things here & there, ala Pip’s instruction in this super sweet video.


Do you like gift wrapping? Do you go all out or are you like my dear sweet Mr, who’s usual attempt at gift wrapping is folding over the bag that he bought it in?


  1. I LOVE gift wrapping! All your pressies look gorgeous there, well done! There is no end to the use of a paper doily..x

  2. they do look gorgeous, love the pegs!
    i do magazine pages, I am recycling & not going out & purchasing more paper. cannot stand the waste when kids rip open the wrapping paper.

    now that's a wrap! (bad pun..)

  3. My wrapping is usually very last-minute, using pre-used paper which I *thought* I had carefully folded and stored flat, but is actually a crumpled ball of ugly. giving in the bag it was bought in, hopefully minus receipt, is not unknown in our household.

    BUT - we had the work Kris Kringle this week and I thought, why not make some lovely little gift tags? I didn't look up Pip's new book to see what she'd done, although I was aware she had a method in there. I grabbed the nearest things at hand - some vintage buttons, fabric scraps and little bits of lace - stitched them together and wrote the names on with a fine liner. They looked amazing and took about a minute each. Maybe I'll put a bit of effort in for the family this year!

  4. i hate wrapping gifts...my co worker is a florist as well,,,and she takes so much time wrapping each one....and they look very beautiful....a lot different to mine...
    have a great chrissy and a very happy new year..

  5. I think the wrapping is the fun part and I try to make it different every year. I just love giving the gift and seeing the conflict - open or look at the lovely wrapping. This year I have had an arguement with myself - use up all the left overs or hunt for the prfect paper!

  6. Looks so cute!! I love the pegs with names on!!
    We did wrapping yesterday... paper doilies too :) and my daughter made tags with some stamps grandma gave her a $2 inkpad and tags 4 for $2... looks really effective too...tried to get her to use some mini pegs, but she refused!

  7. I must say I am odd to love wrapping presents... this year it is brown craft paper from Safeway (or should i now say Woolworths) and stamped names with red paint - simple and cheap and cute! Am loving the magazines Cathie (M.E.) - would love to see some pics!
    Rach xx

  8. I've just been wrapping for the last hour! Like you, trying not to leave it last minute. My man is a basic present wrapper - never folds the ends under neatly! Merry Christmas! Suz

  9. What sweet wrapping. I have to say it's my favourite part of gift giving :)

  10. I love wrapping! I so badly wanted to go with the brown paper, paper doilies and red and white bakers twine this year, but my Mr will just not let me! He never says no to anything I do or say but his foot is firmly planted on this one, and he said if I do it anyway he will just get the most gaudy paper he can find and re-wrap everything with it. sigh. Yours do look fab, maybe I can convince him of this look, bit of both worlds there really isn't it, should make a nice compromise??

  11. I used doilies too but they don't look as good as yours.
    Love Cathies idea of using magazine pages, one to store away for next yeart!

  12. Brown paper packages tied up with (red and white) string. Names stamped on here too. I am a rubbish wrapper these days, but in my mind I label it 'rustic' and move on...
    Simple is effective here this year!

  13. Folding over the bag is pretty good. I get the unwrapped presents and two rolls of wrapping paper and apologies for it not being wrapped. Sometimes I even get the sticky tape! hehe

  14. looks pretty great to me! i will always go for the present wrapped in lace and doilies over anything too christmassy :)

    Kel x

  15. This is exactly what I have done! My other half is a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas and so my plan to channel The Sound of Music and have brown paper packages tied up with string didn't go down so well. So we compromised. The kidlets get dodgy Christmas wrap with a strip of kraft brown and red ribbon and the adults get brown with a strip of dodgy wrap and some twine. Looks quite good even if I do say so myself!

  16. This turned out lovely! Thank you so much for stopping be my page the other day :D It was so nice to see another follower! Can't wait to check out your little space over here. I can see you've been blogging for quite a while?!


  17. The doilies look so cute!

    I always look forward to wrapping and take it very seriously the first one or two presents and then I completely lose interest!!!

    I've been known to wrap presents Christmas Day and even some after Christmas if I know I'm not seeing the receivers till after the event!

    Victoria xxx

  18. I love wrapping! Because money's too tight to mention this year, I used only found items for wrapping... unused dressmaking pattern pieces, old and recycled wrapping paper, wool, string, bits of cardboard and glitter glue and I wrapped every single thing for FREE!

    Love your doilies... I'll remember them for next year!

    Sarah xxx

  19. I love wrapping so much that one year I made my own wrapping paper with the kids. We carved potatoes into trees and stars and I even attempted a very dodgy looking Santa...used paints to colour them and merrily stamped a roll of brown paper...the kids gave up before I did! The doilies are a lot less work and do look better!

  20. I love to shop and hate to wrap gifts , I must say!
    Whats worse is my kids keep pealing back the corners of their wrapped gifts I think they take after me.....I could never wait either.....How are your kids doing?

  21. Your gift wrapping looks great.
    This year it was brown paper and lace instead of ribbon for mine. x


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