Have a very rockin’ Christmas.

Because I really am a Christmas tragic, I had the tag “Christmas” playing on Last FM the other day, I came across some favourite songs (Bing!) & some new ones, but here are some xmas tunes that the you can crank up loud & wrap that mountain of presents to like a speed demon. You might want to dress in the festive Christmas garb of ripped jeans & a flannelette shirt, to complete the tradition…


  1. There is nothing like a little Alice Cooper in your life!!!

  2. I recommend the Waitresses' original of Christmas Wrapping, Jack Conte's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and the No Doubt cover of the Vandals' "Oi To The World".

    And I was going to be the cool one and say The Kinks, Run DMC, and the killers. :(

    Ooh! Also! Fairytale of New York by the Pogues.

  3. ahahahah racking me up!

    Why is Mariah Careys album not on your list? I'm dumbfounded ;)

    xo em


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