Just in time.

A pinch & a Punk for the first of the month!

day 1 handmade advent calendar

An easy Advent Calendar made out of the same fabric as my wall decals; filled with surprise lollies – well, half filled. You may be able to tell that stockings on the end there are considerably flatter than those at the start… I ran out of chocolates (legitimately, I swear I didn’t eat any, I just didn’t buy enough!), but I’ve got plenty of time before we get that far into the month.


This is our third Advent Calendar, since Punk also wheedled her way into getting a Barbie one that was half off, & I found a gorgeous vintage one with pictures under the doors a few weeks ago at a fete (There were two, actually, but I sent one away in a swap, when my swapee gets it I hope she posts a photo so you can see it, it’s really cute & was hard to give up.), but I still wanted to make one.

vintage envelope

vintage advent calendar

day 1

It’s a sickness, like opshopping, I think. I was in a craft store yesterday & there were mountains upon mountains of Christmas Decorations & I didn’t buy one, thinking instead “I could make that”, even if there is no way on earth I will or could find the time.

close up advent calendar

Thrifted cheer is entirely different however & I picked up some cute things yesterday for a little festive mantle display, stay tuned for that & some other awesome finds.

angle advent

Joining in here, perhaps with some more holiday crafters.


  1. Very festive Vic. Looks fabulous.

  2. You might just inspire me to get off my butt and do something christmassy...then again I could just revisit here for a dose of beautiful christmas creativity.

  3. That's amazing! I've never made an advent calendar but I think I'll have to next year. I'm getting very excited for Christmas!!

  4. Yep that is a way cute. Suddenly on the first of December i have thought..i should have really made an advent calendar (never making one before).
    I hear you though..just another project that "i will make one day"

  5. You're on fire woman!! Totally loving it!! It's so sweet and cheerful.
    And I totally agree with you on thrifted cheer , and I love the some of the really cheesy things you can get.

  6. Love it ... you are clever lady.

  7. Wowzers, that is a cool advent! I don't know that I would have had the patience to sew that many mini stockings :)


  8. We would be good op shoppers together, I would say 'I'll buy that because I could NEVER make it!'
    Theose little stockings are some serious cuteness!

  9. wow, your stockings look so cute! it must have taken a long time to make.. well worth it though, looks wonderful :)

  10. How much do I love this? Waaaay too much.... on the list it goes - maybe a half advent i think :)

  11. Those tiny stockings are just too cute - it's a great idea!

  12. I love how colourful it is, it looks really festive, bet Punk loves it! Your op shop finds are amazing ~ and the Bing album you mentioned, just wonderful!

  13. My oldest is 8. That means that 8 years in a row I have said "I really must make an Adevent calendar" and 8 years in a row I have had a Christmas crafting fail.

    They do all have hand made named stockings though. I am proud of that.

    Next year I really must make an Advent calendar...

  14. Gorgeous and clever Advent Calender. I made one years ago but haven't pulled it out for a couple of years seeing as there is only the almost 18year old home now.

  15. So cool!
    Bet that goes perfectly with the tree! (we still haven't got ours up yet - busiest day today, and got another school disco tonight!)xx

  16. Adorable thrifted and handmade advent calendars there! I made the mistake a few years ago of filling the advent calendar in advance with goodies.... now I do them one day at a time. I learned my lesson when they were all eaten in one go while I was busy doing something else!!

  17. all your christmas decos are matching!?!
    i so have that disorder! i could make that so why would i buy it? soooo bad!

  18. OK, I need you to stop posting cute xmas decorations as they are making me feeling decidely inferior. My oldests advent calendar is a bag of lollies (he gets to eat one each day); middle got hers for FREE at the German Christmas party and I wasn't willing to spend more than $1.50 for a cheap one for the littlest:( OK, maybe I will excel in other areas:) Cyndy

  19. Oh wow that is one of the best advent calendars I have ever seen - Awesome and I don't use that word lightly.

  20. We put our tree up last night! It was so much fun. I just wish our house was bigger so we could decorate more. We don't have much room for stuff.

  21. i love love LOVE thrifted cheer and especially handmade loveliness!
    love your little booties!
    you know before i did the noodle boxes I was considering some baby socks but realised there weren't enough for 25 days.

    love it, i bet the kids loved it & look forward to there little surprises.

    Happy december Miss Vic ♥

  22. Very clever I love the idea. thank you for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo


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