Whoa. I was little…!

…and I don’t just mean in the “Well, we were all babies once” way, I mean in the premature due to a pretty horrid traffic accident involving a rather big truck kind of way.

Nanna got my Auntie to put some baby photos on a CD for me without me knowing – a nice, if somewhat confronting, surprise.

Ansett Plane Hospital

Above: How old am I? The airline my grandies took to get to the hospital no longer exists, and the hospital where I was delivered has been demolished. How cool were those ambulances though…?!

Linda & Victoria 1981 Noely & Victoria 1981

♥ Mum & I, Pa & I. ♥

Terry & Victoria, 9 Days Old, 1981 Victoria 7 days Old, 1981  

Itty bitty Moi, 9 days old.


  1. Ahhh Ansett hey? Well we know your younger enough that they weren't flying TAA!
    Is that Sutherland hospital?

  2. lol I flew TAA...Does that make me really old? You certainly were little! Teensy weensy little heart- warming cute little!

  3. Just goes to show you had a fighting spirit back then if you endured a car accident whilst in womb and were born premature. Well done to you! It's amazing when you see photos of yourself and that of your family that you haven't seen before. I must say, looking at TAA I can only think "they were the good ol days!"

  4. Aren't we lucky to have you in the world :)

    the hospital i was born in has been demolished, i wonder if its the same one...

    i had to laugh one day when mum was reading the paper and there was a story on the front page about the asbestos in the old hospital and she says 'oh look that's where i walked you when you were born'.

  5. Sally & Amanda; Royal Canberra Hospital.

    I don't think I was particularly cute - rather weird looking lol, I was a cute toddler though I think - nice & chubby... which, unfortunately, has continued... ;)

  6. Ahhh... Royal Canberra. I thought it looked familar. Wow - that hospital's demolishion didn't go well did it?


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