Always Late To The Party – Pincushion Swap…


Surely I can’t be the only one that was offline/busy/whatnot for a bit, only to find upon my return that sweet Kate had organised a most excellent pincushion swap & the entire blogosphere seemed to be part of it…?!

By the time I twigged to what was going on sign ups were closed *sniffle*, so I contented myself with whinging about my disappointment in people’s comments who were so happily spouting their pincushion swap elation… Kate stumbled upon one such rant & thought she might try to find me a late partner… but alas, no joy *more sniffles*.



Want a pincushion from moi? Made just for you? Want to send me one too, perhaps, that I can smile at & boast over to my imaginary friends?



Tell me of your great & undying enthusiasm & we shall email & share the pincushiony joy that we thought we were destined to never be a part of….

Kate, the lovely lass that she is, will email us ooh-ficial swappy letter-stuff & we can even post our (glorious, obviously better than everybody else's but we’re too classy to say so) pincushions to the flickr group!




  1. I would love to be your partner :)

  2. Poo you have already had an offer, I was going to say I would be more than happy to swap with you. If you feel like making two the offer is still there :)

  3. LOL _ I can only imagine all of your lovely readers exclaiming how much they need a pincushion made by vic.. wouldn't you be in trouble then *g* but I'll refrain.. because i'm terrified to even begin my very first cushion and I am running out of time!

  4. Danielle AND Jo - WOOT!

    Will email you lovelies later, a'ight?! A'ight. ;)

  5. Can't wait to see what you come up with! I long for the day I can be in swaps, as it is I'm probably on par with a 4 year old in terms of quality - unfortunately it's only charming if you're actually 4...

  6. Too late in Blighty as usual...but i would love to swap with somebody if anyone would like too..I always seem to miss these swaps too..hope ur feelin okey dokey Vic & chez new is going well Big hugs rxx

  7. Yay Vic! I missed out on that one too. I see you have got your volunteers already. Can't wait to see.

    Oh wait, I see that ted and agnes is looking for a partner in crime...perhaps I should give her a little jingle?


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