Happy Easter Sunday kiddies, I hope you have a GREAT day with you & yours, we are off to some fun markets & Le Punk has had chocolate for breakfast… ah… remember when you a) Wanted chocolate for breakfast & b) Could happily eat chocolate for breakfast…?!

Monsieur Easter Bunny spoilt us all – our Easter Stash is positively ridiculous & shall keep us all in chocs for the next year at least.




I finished off my last minute gift for The Punk & gave it to the bunny to deliver for me – this project was a ‘two birds – one stone’ jobee; I knocked over a WIP & presented a rather respectable bunny doll for Easter… Can I get a ‘Woot Woot’?!





  1. Gorgeous pictures! Our kids have been eating little nore than chocolate for the last three days, I just know we are going to pay for it...but for now, it's Easter!

  2. enjoy your day Le Punk family
    chocolate hugs to you

  3. Ok, I'm so loving those bunny feet in those wicked cool shoes! Well done Mama!

    I am a complete wash for Easter this year, bad Mama. Of course it's possible that when I can't sleep at midnight, I will be up trying to weave an Easter basket from from twisty ties and dental floss. (Easter Sunday is still tomorrow for me). Perhaps pancakes with bunny ears will make up for it.

  4. Woot Woot!! Bunny doll looks gorgeous Vic! Well done you. Bet Punky loves it to bits!
    Have a brilliant Easter weekend. x

  5. Woot Woot! Love the pictures. There matchy matchy tights are fab!

    Happy Easter to you:)

  6. love her hair..and the witchy feet :)

  7. That first photo is making me very uneasy. What has splattered all over the ground next to a pile of choc eggs and Punky's feet?

  8. Ah the ol' easter egg in the mailbox hidey spot. Know it well.

    I'm working on the principle that the more I eat, the less she eats. Only problem is that the child in utero is copping it all.

    Happy easter. xo

  9. Lovely photo's Vic. We have eaten far too much chocolate here too, doubly so because we had a 2nd birthday in the household yesterday too. Great fun!

  10. super wicked shoes on le bun bun.
    Well done!

    BTW - dont worry bout responding to me - I know you love me.

    Have a happy day - we're off to watch the Garuffalo on ABC.

    xx Amy


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