Five Faves

Ooooh, I’m on a bloggy/meme roll this morning! I blame the weather & the fact that I did nae post yesterday…

Joining in for the first time with Pip’s ‘Five Faves’!


1. Growing anticipation for Stitches & Craft… this could be my number one until early next month! I have been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting & waiting… oh it’s going to be great. Proverbial kid in a candy store folks.


2. Weet-Bix. I have a renewed & perhaps unnatural love for this mushy breakfast cereal, toast just doesn’t cut it at the moment.


3. Sewing Clothes Kids Love – I got this last week & I don’t know about ‘kids’ but I am in love! Slightly disappointed to learn that the next print run will have patterns ala Ottobre, on stronger paper, whereas the copy that I have is all about old school tissue patterns that need fusible interfacing ironed onto it, but meh… as if I could have waited any longer. (Nancy’s blog is grand too, if you don’t have enough to do today…)

4. Changing seasons at the local oppy – Oh. Yeah. I wandered by last week & saw that from the “Everything 1/2 price” sale they’d gone to “Everything $1” to clear out all their stock. I went in. I bought clothes that could pass for maternity wear. I was happy.


(Pic from the one & only Dottie Angel)

5. Wool. After a visit to Spotlight to get the afore mentioned fusible interfacing, I am smitten & am just going to have to force my Gran into to teaching me how to use a stick or two into making something I might be proud of. It’s the weather for it after all.

Ah. That was fun! Thinking about my favourite things right now, and what has made me happy. You should do it too. You should.


  1. Funny you shoudl mention weetbix... they are so tasty- esp. as it cools down- i rediscovered them recently to.

  2. Clothes that could pass as maternity wear huh?? Letting a secret out of the bag or have I missed something?

  3. If you come to Stiches and Craft on Wed, Thurs, Sat or Sunday, come and say Hi - I'm at the embroidery bar :P

  4. Drewzel I WILL be there on a Wednesday, or Thursday at the absoloute latest... but how shall I know you... are you the chick, or the chicken....?! ;)

  5. I LOVE weetbix too! And Spotlight!!

  6. I'm stupid excited about the Stitches and Craft. What day are you going? Perhaps we could meet up.Only if you want.
    Sorry I'm stalking you a bit at the mo


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