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Lately friends, I have been even more crappity crap at acknowledging comments & replying to emails than I normally am, I could spout an excuse or eleven, & they might even be real, valid excuses, but I shant… I apologise profusely & fully intend to pull up my socks, from NOW.


Pics From… The Usual…



  1. Happy to give comment without expecting to receive back, seasons, you know. Hope you are settling in okay and enjoying the new space...and wouldn't it be good if that big pile was my mail- I'd like that!

  2. No worries at all - we get it! Just post more house pics, and all is forgiven (just kidding, nothing to forgive, but house pics would be super!). Nic

  3. No comment replies necessary over here. XX

  4. I don't mind commenting without getting an answer - probably because I don't reply that often either and I am not sure that many comments need much more than a 'thankyou for your comment' and I would say that is a given. Cherrie

  5. Thanks for the thought but I would hate to think that each time I leave a comment here you feel pressure to reply. I like to leave comments - they're my way of saying - "hey I popped by and heard what you had to say" but I don't expect a reply unless perhaps I asked a non-rhetorical question.
    You're having a big year - moving house and building a baby all the while looking after little Punky - do yourself a favour and take the pressure off. Use your valuable time to rest, relax and enjoy not to reply to my "hey I was here" comments.
    ... please.

  6. You have set yourself a very high standard, much higher than us mortal run-of-the-mill bloggers would expect. So don't sweat it babe. Just keep up your fab blog posts and we are happy :)

  7. Oh now aren't you all just the bees knees?!

    I didn't mean to suggest that I would try to reply to every comment - just answer things that need to be answered or send an email back where one is required, or just generally chat here in the comments as I like to do (like now...), but you are all the sweetest!

  8. :) Dont stress - I just like leaving comments (oh and getting them - that is always nice!)

  9. Don't worry about it, life is just too busy sometimes for commenting & emailing. I have days where I don't visit blogs and then others when I'm catching up or snooping around all day. Did you move? Have I missed something? Hope all is well in your world xo

  10. oh me too. super slack at replying to mail/comments. I'm sure once things settle down you will be right again :)

  11. GOd I love the pics in this post.
    hey no worried about anything Ok?!


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