Desperately Seeking!


If you, my lovelies, come across a Tomy Flip and Fold Fashions toy in your opshop travels (she will doubtless be naked & missing her shoes… you know what young fashionistas can be like…), or see one for sale online some place, won’t you let me know?! I had an opshopped one when I was a little tacker, so it was missing all the accessories (not that I knew that), but it kept me enthralled for hours all the same. What an awesome toy… I think one needs to come & live in my little loft. Yes. I do.



  1. Is that the one where you put fashion templates in the thing, put a sheet of paper in and colour over it? The one you've shown looks a bit different to what my sister had (but the hair looks similar). I'll keep an eye out for you!

  2. Never seen one in my life! Of course now I shall be looking for one wherever I go.

    I had the kind Jennie mentioned.

  3. Well now... I've never seen the one you two speak of!

    This one has a plastic lid with the girl's body cut out (her body is on the base) and you put fabric over the body & close the lid & TA DA, she's wearing a floral catsuit lol.

  4. Ive never seen this kind either but had the tomy fashion plates which look somewhat similar.
    you put each piece of plate on the thing, and then paper on top and rubbed with pencils to make the picture, had it as a kid, stil have most of it at the parents i think, they were so much fun, mine was opped too i think as a kid :)
    will keep the eyes open around here for you vic!


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