Penny dreadfuls.

Not a whole lot to show for yesterday’s opping, except for a stack of Women's Weekly Library romance booklets, with such titles as ‘Love Sails At Dawn’ and ‘Doctor of Mercy’. I love the illustrated covers & the subtext, like; “He could never settle down, he said. She accepted this… and waited for love to work its magic” or “The breeze blew her hat towards him – and her heart as well…”.


They are just crying out to cover a drab old cupboard I’ve got in the bedroom – it’s brown overload in there at the moment.


Another thing about these I find hilarious are the advertisements for feminine hygiene products on the back – as if reading the bloody things in the first place wouldn’t have been embarrassing enough



  1. I can remember my Mum reading those when I was a kid!

  2. how the world has changed ... if you think it's embarrassing reading those ads it was mortifying to get it, have nobody talk about and hiding it as thought you were a leper. i'm sure most people around 50+ had the same experience as me.


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