Crafty Goodness.


A bit of crafty goodness is happening around here – I’ve finally made a start on the four pincushions I am making for my belated swap, brought on by Kate’s grand swap here. I finished one this morning & it really feels good to be crafting again, I’ve not made anything (excluding crochet experiments) since Punk’s Easter bunny, had lost my sewjo so to speak, but there is nothing like a looming deadline to focus the mind.


More crafty goodness arrived yesterday in the form of a lovely Pay It Forward gift from Jade of Holi Goddess, a beautifully covered sketch book & bobby pin with vintage button attached – wow! Was pleasantly surprised & happy, didn’t even feel guilty about not making a start on my own Pay If Forward gifts yet, I’ll get there eventually… I’m sure


  1. Well your sneaky peak cushion is looking so delicious Vic. As are your goodies... Beautiful and inspiring, I'm sure they will motivate you to make some gorgeousness when the time is right.

  2. What do you mean 4? How does this swap work? Jade's work is stunning, lucky you.

  3. I can't look at any more blogs! I'll have to turn the computer off! There is far too much pincushion making and swapping going on. Still, I can't wait to see your finished one(s).

  4. What lovely PIF goodies, lucky you.

    Beki xxx

  5. oooO..so glad your PIF arrived safely! happy doodling my sweet & the pin is for the lil miss punky xo

  6. yeah, how come you are making 4??? I am goign to investigate pay it forward...

  7. Cath - I was late see, so I begged here for someone to swap with me & four lovely ladies did respond. Sure, we could have all swapped one cushion each, on to the next person, but, seems we're all greedy/crazy types, happy to make 4 if we get 4 in return!

    Mmmmmmmmm pincushions........


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